Windows XP and Outlook

I just “upgraded” my OS from Windows ME to XP Professional. I had MS Office 2000 with Outlook loaded before the upgrade and all worked perfectly. During the upgrade process I was warned that I would have to upgrade Outlook as the files used for Xp were different than those used for ME. I was informed that all I had to do was start Outlook and it would handle the upgrade.

My copy of Office 2000 was obtained from my employer as part of their site license. No piracy involved! Wanted to make that clear up front.

Upon starting Outlook, I was prompted to supply the disk with the file “data1.msi”. I located this on one of the CDs and indicated it’s location to the update program. The update program informs me that the location is not a valid installation disk and it cancels the update.

Tonight I’m going to remove the complete office suite and try a clean install, but if that doesn’t work does anyone have any ideas? A search of the Micrsoft site did not result in any usefull looking information regarding this issue.

I found my problem! User error of a sort. I used the MS Office disks that came with my PC MS Office Small Business and it updated Outlook without any problems.

All is well.