Windows XP-disappearing DVD/CD-RW

So I’m building a new pc. The CD drive is configured as the secondary master, a single hard drive is the primary master. There is no slave on either bus. Both are plugged into the end of the IDE cable.

The CD drive is a CenDyne 32X10X40X12 DVD CD-RW combo drive. The bios sees it. I installed XP from it. But now that XP is installed, it says “Device Cannot Start (Code 10)”, and there isn’t a drive icon for it under my computer.

The motherboard is the Asus nForce II board, the model number escapes me at the moment.

Keep in mind when suggesting updating drivers that this is a brand new PC. And the driver for the network connection is on a cd. And the cd drive doesn’t work. So any programs I need to transfer to it need to fit onto floppy (unless I can connect it to my Windows 98 machine via USB…can I do that?).



Just because it’s a new PC doesn’t mean that XP installed the best/most updated drivers when you installed it…always best to check on the Web.

According to Microsoft TechNet, error code 10 means you need to update drivers.

You may not have XP Pro but from what I have read on the MS site and from Google links, any error resembling the one you have seems to point to drivers.

Most drivers I’ve encountered can fit onto a floppy. If not, try a program called 4th Split which will break a file into smaller blocks then re-piece it together again. It’s not a program I’ve tried but I saw it on TV (really. TechTV).

You can try to start Windows in safe mode (press F8 during boot process) and XP should use a generic cd-rom driver. Or go to device manager and uninstall the device and reboot. When it prompts you about installing a driver, do not let it auto-detect and manually choose the generic cd-rom driver. This might get you running enough to get the right driver installed.


All you need to know is there.

Thanks guys, I’m betting that XP is trying and failing to use a driver that can use the RW-abilities, and then not defaulting back to the generic cd-rom driver when that doesn’t load. I’ll give safe mode a try, and see if I can at least install the nForce II all-in-one that came with the MB and get the networking connection up. Then I can look for better drivers.

Handy, about all that site gives me is the manual for the drive, a hard copy of which is sitting in front of me.


Good news: it kinda works. Bad news: no clue how to make it work properly.

After determining that safe mode and normal mode were using the exact same generic cd-rom drivers, and installing easy cd creator (came with drive) in an attempt to get it to install a better drive, and still getting nowhere, I started looking at other hardware properties.

Safe mode was using PIO-only for data transfer, while normal mode was using DMA-mode 2. I switched normal mode to PIO-Only, rebooted, and the drive showed up. However, this is still a problem, as I really doubt I can burn cds without using dma…

Does this new information give anybody else any new ideas? Maybe something motherboard-specific with the secondary IDE channel? (Motherboard is the Asus A7N8X)


Sometimes they only work with DMA on & other times with it off, this is a setting in windows, not the bios.