WinXP, How do I get this incompatible driver off?

I tried to put Adaptec burning software on my comp. And SURPRISE it is not compatible with Win XP. It did however put a driver on my computer that I cannot get rid of. Every time I start XP it disables this driver. How I do I remove this driver?

I went into device manager and could not figure it out…Anybody got the answer?

Is it a device driver? I mean, is it a driver that is associated with a particular piece of hardware, like the CD drive? If so, go into the device manager, click on that device and then select properties. Now check out the “drivers” tab. One of the options is to rollback the driver. If that doesn’t work, you could remove the driver and Windows should prompt you to install it the next time you reboot.

In Xp instructions, it says that you must uninstall ezcd then reinstall it, but you shouldn’t need it. is that what you are talking about? you know why this is? because xp uses ezcd itself in it’s programming. Its not adaptec anymore, its Roxio.

I believe the program you’re having trouble with is DirectCD. This program loads at startup and is supposed to give you drive letter access to your CDRWs so you can use them as you would a floppy disk. Unfortunately, DirectCD is incompatible with XP. Uninstalling it should clear up your problem.

Also, go to Roxio’s Website where you can download a patch to make EZCD XP compatible (you still can’t use DirectCD, though)

I got it off. When it disables the driver it gives you the file name. I did a search on the file name. Upon finding it I deleted it. Problem solved.

If you get the latest windows XP update (MS web site) the latest XP update will allow you to install your Adaptec/Roxio versions 4/5. My Roxio 5 is working perfectly with XP with this update.