Windows XP Display Question

Every time I reboot my computer somehow the “screen” part of Windows is pushed way over to the right. Every time I have to go to Display and find my way to the screen adjustment area and fix it to fit the middle of my monitor. My question is why doesn’t it stay the way it is saved as default? Any ideas?


If your screen get’s it’s power from the 'puter (that is, if the power cord is plugged in to the back of the computer) then when you reboot your computer all the monitor settings are lost. Try plugging your monitor directly into the wall, then you should have better luck.

I am assuming this “display” adjustment is a software based applet of the video card manuf. You probably need to use the monitors on screen adjustment controls to set the horizontal and vertical adjustments so that they “stick” next time the PC starts up. If you are talking about the monitor’s hardware adjustments you need to try a different default refresh rate for the video card.

Paying more attention to this problem I just realized that it happens even when I allow the screen saver to come on. For example if I reset the display right now, left and came back later after the screen saver has come on, the settings would be gone.

The display is from the control panel in Windows XP. I’ll give the monitor adjustment a try, that is if I can figure it out.