Windows XP: Files And Settings Transfer Wizard

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be migrating from my old pc to a new one. (From XP
Home with Office 2000 to XP Pro with Office 2002, everything is legal) All my data files are in specific folders, but I figure I will be needing the Files And Settings Transfer Wizard to move my settings, and I have a few questions about it.

  1. When I started the Files And Settings Transfer Wizard, the first thing that happened was that Windows Firewall asked me to verify if I should let the Wizard run. I’m very curious why the Firewall got involved. All my Windows Updates are up-to-date, so what is going on? Aren’t my Settings totally internal to this pc? How would the Wizard work differently if I was not connected to the internet?

  2. Is there any way to control what sort of settings it will transfer? I’m interested in something more detailed than “Microsoft Office Y/N”. For example, I want to transfer my Templates and Macros and Dictionary from Word, but nothing from Outlook.

  3. I told the Wizard that I want it to move settings only, not files. I’ll move the files myself. Still, it created a file 387 MB in size. What the heck could possibly be in there? Even my whole Fonts folder is only 130 MB; what else is it trying to move?

  4. Speaking of fonts, I have 867 of them on the old pc. Way more than I could possibly need. Does anyone know of a program which can go through every single file on my system, looking for the fonts which are actually used, and make up a list so that I can move only those to the new pc?

  5. Any other advice?

No one has used this wizard? No one can offer advice? :frowning:

(I promise, no bumps after this one. Sorry.)

I don’t know much about FASTW, but I’ll venture that this includes all of your application settings as well as just what Windows needs. I agree that 387mb seems excessive, but look at your “programs and settings/<username>/Documents and settings/Application Data” (this is hidden, you will need to show hidden files), and it certainly includes all this data, which may be excessive for some apps.