Windows XP help.


How can I update WinXP (SP3) after a clean reinstall?

Yes, I know support ended 3 years ago, but I thought it was still possible to d/l all previously released updates. Microsoft doesn’t seem to allow this anymore.

I’m stuck with a 14yo computer, I would love a new computer, I also would love a cure for mental illness, & a larger, functioning dick:p. None of that is happening.

So has my computer bit it’s last byte?:frowning:

Thank You for your time.

Linux is great for giving old boxes nee life. I would start with Linux Mint.

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New life.

Stupid phone.

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Check Ebay.

That’s the Penguin, right? :)I have no idea how to use Linux or if any of my old software will work with it.

No money, not even for used boyfriends.:stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, the computer is d/ling the updates by itself now.


Take Care

I personally like linux. I use it as my main operating system for my computers that access the internet. But linux is most definitely not a generic replacement for an old windows operating system.

Software is written for a specific operating system, and generally speaking it only works on that operating system. So your windows software will not work at all on linux.

There is a thing called WINE which is a windows emulator for linux. If you are a techie geek, you might get your software (or at least most of it) to work under wine. But this isn’t something for a novice user to dig into.

Linux still has a LONG way to go before it becomes anywhere near as user friendly as windows.

$7.99, free shipping.

That never occurred to me!
I assumed you meant something like a refurbished computer. I’ll have to wait until the first, but I’ll check it out. Thanks!!

You are very welcome.
I believe that Windows XP was G-d’s gift to mankind, the first trouble free Windows operating system. Replaced, and denied updates as Windows versions continues to be, because Microsoft wants to make more money.

Now that I’m back on my desktop…

Linux Mint is the distro I recommend to beginners as it requires the least amount of tweaking after install. With Mate selected as the user interface, it functions very much like Windows XP. You have a desktop that looks like this. There are taskbars/windows. You point and click.

As far as old Windows programs, WINE has already been mentioned with which I’ve had varying degrees of luck. But it really depends on whether the OP has a program for which there is no Linux analog. Because the Linux world has its own set of free/opensource applications.

For example, Instead of Internet Explorer, you get Firefox. Instead of Microsoft Office, you get Libre Office. GIMP instead of Photoshop. I guess it depends on what the OP’s particular software requirements are.

It doesn’t cost anything to try. At the very least the OP will wind up with a bootable DVD for emergencies.

Meh, run linux as the host and xp as the client os in virtual.

MS broke policy and just did an update because of the ransomware problem. Take a look for that one.


You could try “converting” your installation of XP to Point of Service version and continue to get updates until 2019. It involves adding a simple registry key.

ETA: Is Windows XP really fifteen years old? Surely it’s only as old as its latest update?

This hack really works. However, be prepared for days of updating, first batch may total 200 updates, then the updates to the updates. Secondly, I have found that a clean install of WinXP will be pretty slowed down after those few hundred updates. Not sure why.

Your earlier post made me wonder why there isn’t an Android build for PCs, since Android is even more user-friendly than Windows yet Linux-based (does regular Linux software work with Android?), and by now has the largest software library of all. Turns out there apparently is. Any thoughts on Remix?

Also, some of the most popular software sells a Linix version as well as Windows (& sometimes Apple) versions. You may have to buy a new version for Linux, but often vendors will give previous customers a significant discount for an upgrade (maybe even free).

Yeah, but what about Doom II? :dubious:

Haven’t played with it mainly because Linux is free and serves my needs. But it looks interesting: Remix OS - Wikipedia

Of course, Chromebooks have been running Android from the beginning. Big milestone for Android today: Android: celebrating a big milestone together with you