Windows XP share passwords

One Win XP asks the Win 98 for a password to connect, another Win XP doesn’t ask the Win 98 PC for one.

What gives?

Um…that’s not too clear - can you give us a better rundown?

I’m assuming that you’re saying that you have 3 PCs, 2 with Windows XP, and one with Windows 98, and they are networked together.

I’m also assuming that when you try to connect to one of the XP boxes from the Win98 box, you connect fine, but when you try to connect to the OTHER XP box, it asks for a user name or password Is that correct?

The first thing I can think of is that the guest account on one of the machines has either been disabled, or the password has been changed. The other thing is that there is a permissions issue on the affected XP box.

A few questions:

How are the machines connected? Via a hub, or via a cable/dsl router, or what? What version of XP is each machine running (Pro or Home?). Finally, does this occur when trying to connect to ANY shared item on the Win98 PC, or only on certain shares?


You are correct.
I ran the network wizard and told the screwy XP how it saw the internet router and it quit asking for a password.
All is well.