Windows XP vs. Windows 2000?

Will Windows XP perform better on a given system than Windows 2000, or does it use more system resources?

The reason I’m asking is that someone is dissatisfied with the performance of a system running Windows 2000. Someone else suggested upgrading it to Windows XP. My guess is that performance will be worse.

At best it will be the same. XP has additional eye candy that saps performance, but it can be turned off. When off, it will run about the same speed as 2000. Did the machine ever run acceptably? If so, it is probably a spyware problem. If not, the best potential for a speed increase is to add memory. Do you know how much it has?

Thanks for the information. I already wiped the system and installed everything from scratch, so I doubt there is spyware on it now. At this point, I’m trying to obtain a better system from elsewhere.

One possible problem with 2000 is not having very good hardware drivers - try getting up-to-date ones for all the hardware, from manufacturer websites.