Windows XP Windowing Problems

I’ve been having an irritating problem with Windows XP recently, and was wondering if anyone else has experienced it or has a solution. Basically, occasionally clicking on a window in the taskbar doesn’t raise it to the foreground. It sets it as the active application (the title bar turns blue), but it stays behind whatever I was working on before.

For example, say I’m working in Oracle JDeveloper (this seems like it started with only Java applications, but now it’s started to affect everything) - I want to switch to WinCVS, so I click its icon on the taskbar. It gets selected, but the screen continues to display JDeveloper (with a grayed-out title bar). I have to minimize everything and then maximize WinCVS in order to see it. The problem appears to go away after I do that.

Any idea what’s happening here?

You can right click on the taskbar & select properties & look around in that. ALso, as usual, under the start menu: Hlp, is the XP manual & you can input ‘taskbar’ in the search box to bring up topics on it.