Wine pairings for lowbrow foods

I am currently eating creamy chicken flavor ramen noodles, which are going nicely with pinot grigio.

With Chef Boyardee ravioli, I like pinot noir or a very light merlot.

What wine do you serve with:
Frozen pizza
Chicken McNuggets
Hot dogs

Answer, or add your own foods to the list for others to match with wine

Frozen pizza – Cisco Red
Chicken McNuggets – MD 20/20
Chee-tos – Night Train Express
Hot dogs – Thunderbird

I love this thread! Congratulations on the concept!

I had hot dogs last night with Gewutzaminer. But that only works if you use spicy mustard.

In many cases the best pairings would be based on the sauce used rather than the item itself. For example, if you have a red tomato based sauce (ketchup based) with your chicken mcnuggets then a light red like a beaujolais would be a good choice. If you are having your mcnuggets with a honey sauce then a white, like a gewurz, could work.

Generally go with what has the most influence on taste.

NTBASA but eating frozen pizza has to be tough on the teeth :slight_smile: :smiley:

Dom Perignon and Twinkies

There’s a reason for beer, you know.

Although not with Twinkies.

I’ll add more foods.
Macaroni & Cheese

Fish Sticks (with tartar sauce)

Campbell’s Tomato Soup

A Fluffernutter Sandwich

Tuna Casserole

A Corn Dog

Wild irish Rose

I recall voting, one Hogmanay in Scotland, that a Portugese wine called “Sanguina Del Toro” (roughly “blood of the bull”) was the “Best Wine to be Paired With Cool Ranch Doritos”.

Of course, I was on a world-champion bender at the time.

I drink the coldest pinot grigio or fume blanc I can find in the fridge with most junk food, except tomato-sauced pizzas that get the decent merlots and cab sav blends.

I live two blocks from one of Seattle’s best wine stores (Pete’s Wine and Grocery !) and couldn’t be (buuurp) happier.

I’ll echo this. Can the OP be extended to allow beer? 'Course, the answer then is simple: any beer goes with any junk food consumed when you’re hot and tired.

Otherwise, I’ll listen with awe to the wine experts who can say what wine they should serve at Der Wienerschnitzel.

Carlo Rossi Paisano

For any of the above. :smiley:

With any seafood (fish sticks) or poultry (chicken nuggets), I prefer Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill or Blanc de Blanc. It enhances the preservative-y flavors.

Blue box, or actual home made, really good, thick gooey mac & cheese? If Blue box, chenin blanc. If the latter, then definitely chardonnay.

hmmm… reisling?

Does Campbell’s tomato count as junk lunch?

Oooo!!! Yummy. Champagne, extra dry.

tricky… but I’m going to go with a red, even though it’s fish and say zinfandel.

BEER! Sorry. Um, sauvignon blanc.

Dego Red for everything.

No mention of Boone’s Farm there? Maybe it’s too regional or something? :frowning:

So, what goes with Frito pie? I’m thinking a nice red of some sort, personally.

This was fun.

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