WINE!!! Week Six.

Welcommen! Bienvenue! Welcome! Yes, there is a secret handshake. It’s the one where you do a high five while kicking back with one leg, then follow through past the high five, grab the other person’s raised leg, and shake it. But the key is you must do it with a glass of wine in your other hand. And if you spill a drop, you’re out of the club.

All threads connect to the last week’s thread. You can also find them all by searching “SDMB Wine” in Cafe Society. The first week’s thread had the list of sommeliers (the wine choosers), which is just everyone who was signed up at that point. If you want, I will add you to the list. We’re just moving down the list to assign sommeliers each week. I start a thread, the sommelier has a week to pick the wine, then we all have a week to sample and discuss before a new sommelier and wine is chosen. It’s been pretty fun and educational. Personally, it’s made me seek out my local wine shop and get to know the guys there, which has been a real plus for me.

We have had – IMO, of course – three excellent wines, one pretty good one, one not so good one, and one I didn’t try. Other people may have other opinions, as I hear they frequently do despite my best attempts to make my opinion the universal one. :wink:

I really liked this barbera, though like longhair I could only find the '04. They could have ordered me the '03 but that seemed like too much work.
I liked the cherry and what I couldn’t really articulate but others have accurately called “earthiness.” It could have been a tad more spicy IMO. But it wasn’t too tannic, which is what I can’t yet get used to in reds. So I give it a thumbs up.

I’ll probably start the Week 7 thread tomorrow, which is not to discourage further comments in this one.

I can do that. I can do that! I’ve been practicing!

So how long do I have to go buy Dangerosa’s choice and get back to everyone with my uneducamated thoughts on it?

Ooo, cage match! Baron Phillipe Rothchild in this corner! Comte Alexandre de Lur Saluces in that corner! Epic white v. red battle!

I just opened a bottle of the 2004, and as per instructions I am letting it breath. I also bought some aged gouda and goat brie to go with it. I think it will be quite pleasant,

My local Spec’s will have a bottle of the 2004 for me the first of next week. I could have picked one up today but would have made a trip to their downtown location (which I understand is fantastic but with Houston traffic being the way it is I’ll let them bring it to me).

It is definitely a bit drier than I like. I like just a hair of sweetness in my wine. Other than that it is pretty good. No really strong flavors that I can tell, and thats generally good. It is maybe a bit more acid than I like. I think if it were less dry the acid could be balanced. It is not a wine that can be drunk quickly wich is a good thing for me. It is sort of like walking through leaves in the fall and kicking them into the breeze. (I jest, I have no idea what that means in terms of wine.)

Well, I’ve seen really fast oxidation in my fireplace… but you’re right, it’s probably not oxidation that’s causing the flavor changes. Whatever it is, though, is pleasant to me. I’ve found that the flavor of a wine changes from the first night to the second. Some of that may be the temperature change, as it goes from “basement” temp to “kitchen counter” temp. Some of it may simply be psychosomatic – I expect it to change, so I perceive that it does. And some of it may be chemical changes of various sorts.

Well I can accept oxidation from one night to the next. Especially if the bottle is left out in a room temperature place with the cork out. That will undoubtedly change the flavor. Usually when people are refering to letting a wine breath, I thought it was just leaving it open for an hour before you drink it.

Just got around to sampling this one. Better late than never…

As others have mentioned, probably a bit drier than anything else in my rack - but not overly so. I sipped on this over the evening and my opinion varied quite a bit depending on what else I had eaten or sampled.

I had started out teaming it with a grilled sirloin but was also doing some prep cooking for some guest that are coming for dinner tomorrow night which involved cooking chicken to shred for enchiladas. It almost seemed like the Barbera smoothed out in combination with the chicken.

Anyway, it was enjoyable and I would spring for another bottle, but probably not make a point of keeping it in stock.