Wine's turning to vinegar - how to speed it up?

I’ve got a bottle of what was probably a very nice shiraz, but it was apparently stored upright or in an overly-warm spot by its previous owner who gave up alcohol after an edict from their doctor.

I took a sip, and thought “ick, it’s turned to vinegar!” but it’s not quite to the state of vinegar that could be used for making salad dressings.

How can I speed the process along? It’d be a shame to just dump it down the drain, like I did three other bottles that were truly and unspeakably corked. :sad:

Get yourself a vinegar mother. Sorry to hear about the corked bottles. Three cheers for screw caps!

Sounds like just leave it, maybe give it more air if you can do it safely:

To mother or not to mother seems to be a fairly evenly divided thought.

I’ll just try leaving the cork out of the bottle and standing it up in the back corner of a cabinet. Should be a nice dark and cozy place for the bacteria to do their thing.

Now I just have to remember that it’s back there and open, or I’ll have quite a mess. :eek: