Would drinking badly stored wine make you sick?

I was watching an episode of Pawn Stars awhile back and some guy tried to sell a bottle of champagne. The long and short of it was that it hadn’t been stored properly so it was ruined and was worthless. (Which was terrible since it was worth tens of thousands of dollars.) Anyway Rick said it would make you sick if you tried to drink it. Would it actually make you sick? I mean if there wasn’t enough alcohol in it to preserve it wouldn’t the bugs convert it to acetic acid? (I guess both of those could have evaporated long ago but I think they said the bottle was still sealed so I’d still think they’d be alot of both in it.) Any wine experts know what would happen?

It would turn to vinegar; what gives vinegar its acidic taste is the acetic acid. I’m sure there’s a level at which acetic acid would be poisonous, but the amount contained in a bottle of wine-turned-vinegar isn’t anywhere near it. Plus, you’d have to be quite pre-sloshed not to notice!

vinegar is frequently made from wines and a type of vinegar is made from champagne.

Rick, maybe an expert on everything, might have been wrong.

People drink mild vinegars by the glass. some of the best i’ve tasted comes from wines as the source.