Wingstop or Buffalo Wild Wings?

Kind of like “Coke vs Pepsi” and “McDonalds vs Burger King”…you can only choose one here.

If your choices are just one of these two, not Wing Street, not Hooters, not anything other than Wingstop or Buffalo Wild Wings, which would you say has the best wings?

Ya know, I have a Wingstop about two blocks from my house, and it’s been there for like ten years or so, and I have yet to step foot in it. I need to do so for the sake of science! BW3’s wings have been fairly disappointing the times I’ve visited. I’ve been there like a half dozen times, and every time (three different locations), I’ve gotten wings that were not crispy and tasted like they’ve been sitting around for awhile. I mean, the half life of a wing is about five minutes, so they really need to be served ASAP. (And I know you specifically didn’t ask, but the couple of times I tried Hooter wings, they’ve been terrible.)

I voted “I don’t like wings.” Wings belong in the stockpot, there’s so little meat that actually eating them is silly, but they make great chicken stock.

I said Buffalo Wild Wings, because on balance, I prefer their wings. I end up getting Wingstop a lot more often, because they’re close and have online ordering, which AFAIK, BW3 doesn’t have.

To me, the whole point of a wing is for chicken skin lovers (like me.) It’s a perfect ratio of anywhere from 1:1 to 2:1 or so of juicy, flavorful chicken meat to delectable skin. The skin is like crack to me. Better than bacon.

I LOVE BWW, and (with the one here anyway) if you specify “extra crispy” they will make them that way (even putting a little sticker on the box that says “extra crispy”) and they are DELISH and every bite crunches and crackles as you take one.

Maybe try that next time? Like, actually say it to them/specify it…
I know, I know…you might feel like you shouldn’t have to specify wings to be crispy if it’s a good wing place, but with some you do.

It’s definitely worth a shot. I have no problem specifying such things when it comes to food items. It never occurred to me to try this for wings. I don’t necessarily need “extra” crispy–just crispy is what I’m looking for, but this may do the trick.

To me, chicken skin gives me an immediate visceral reaction of “gross, gross, spit it out right now now now!” So I guess it makes sense that I wouldn’t like wings. :stuck_out_tongue:

Buffalo Wild Wings.

I usually love chicken wings, but the two times I’ve eaten food from Wingstop, they were almost inedibly overseasoned. Really really salty, with just far too much in the way of whatever flavouring blend shaken over them. So neither, assuming the other option has a similar method.

By coincidence, I was in a Wingstop last night (it’s fairly new to my area, and the place I was planning on going was closed). I was impressed–not fantastic, but very tasty with the array of flavors (I pick mine on the hotter side). I’ve never been to BWW (they don’t have one near here that I’m aware of), so my vote isn’t balanced, just anecdotal.

I don’t have any awareness of Wingstop. I’ve been to BWW a few times, though, and don’t have any particular complaints about them. And they’re one of the very few American chains which has hot sauces encompassing my range of preference (at most places, the hottest sauce available is somewhere in between what I would call “mild” and “medium”).

The best wings I’ve had, though, were at a little family-run place just off the Villanova campus in the late 90s. I don’t know if they’re still in business.

I’m in the “I don’t like wings” camp (for some reason, I never liked chicken that still had the bones in it), but I do prefer Wingstop over BWW for the fries - it’s #2 on my fries list, behind In & Out.

Neither are in San Francisco. :frowning:

Never had, or heard of, “Wingstop” or “Buffalo Wild Wings”. Must be a pair of chains somewhere that I ain’t.
Best local (NYC area) wings used to be at the Atomic Wings close to the Queensboro Bridge in Manhattan —order “nuclear” sauce and get a pilsener on tap to go with, good eating. ETA: I’ve heard they’ve gone downhill though

Best wings anywhere that I’ve ordered them were in Minneapolis’ Nicolette Mall area, at a bar called the News Room, “rusty” sauce. Those people know how to make a sauce that will rock your head back and make you take notice.

I haven’t been to either chain. I know we have BWW around here. Not sure about Wingstop.

Even the people I know who like BWW admit that it’s noisy and crowded. That’s enough reason to stay home and make them myself.

None in San Francisco itself (or Marin, for that matter), perhaps, but they’re all over the Bay Area. There are two Wingstops in Oakland, one in Emeryville, and one in Daly City. BWWs are a littler harder to find; there’s one in Daly City, and one in San Ramon.

Wingstop is part of Pizza Hut. Many/most/all of them are combined places… I’ve never seen a stand alone Wingstop but they may exist someplaces. You may have heard of BW3’s which is Buffalo Wild Wings (originally Buffalo Wild Wings and Wreck which accounts for the 3). There are about a dozen around Manhattan.

Never tried BWW, but isn’t it the kind of place where you have wings and beer and watch a game? Wingstop has been mostly take out of a quick bite, in my experience.

NB: “wings” in this context usually means multiple sections, and only about half the pieces will be wing tips.

My #2 fries are In & Out, and my #1 is absolutely any other kind that is being put up against those soggy things.

I think that’s a NYC thing (cf: “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”). I haven’t seen anything but standalone WS.

I’m a NYC guy, and I’ve never seen a Wingstop, neither standalone nor with Pizza Hut (not that I pay much attention to Pizza Huts). I don’t especially like BWW so I abstained.

I haven’t been to Atomic Wings this century, but they used to be real good.