winking (?) belly buttons?

I’ve just seen a Levi’s Low Rider (or whatever the hell they’re called) ad for womens jeans twice within the last half hour; the entire thing is only about 15 secs long.

My question: Is there something going on with the models’ belly buttons?

I could swear that I saw the belly buttons of the models do something like a “wink”. Maybe it’s the lighting, maybe it’s the flicker of my crappy hotel TV. The belly button anomoly (I think I saw) looked like a post production manipulation.

I’m hoping that someone with the right equipment (and patience) can prove me right (or recommend a rum that’s safer than Mount Gay).

ok… what we want to do here… is talk you down… it’s ok… it’s ok

but seriously. the belly buttons aren’t just winking, they’re actually whistling or singing or something.

pretty freaky if you ask me

but you didn’t ask

they do this effect digitally in post-production. it’s the same thing as those inane and satanic–looking (IMO) smiles and lips that these digital “artists” put on cats, dogs and other animals on TV and in the flicks

I’m not well versed in how to sell “stuff”, but in the interest of knowledge, do tricks of this sort really work?

I’ve heard the tales of subliminal suggestion (one frame of CocaCola or a tub of popcorn in the middle of a drive-in movie reel) and find the concept interesting, but how/why does it work. I rarely watch commercials beyond the first 4 seconds of the clip but saw something weird in this Levi ad.

’Uigi It’s not meant to be subliminal. The model’s bellybuttons are digitally manipulated, so that they appear to be singing along to the song. It’s quite frankly the most disturbing commercial I’ve ever seen. It really freaks me out, every time I see it. If it you see it again, don’t look at it. Turn away, Marion! Don’t look at it!

Sorry, I get carried away like that sometimes.

Sorry about calling you Marion, too.

I just saw this damn commercial, and it made me ill.

And yes, the bellybuttons were digitally manipulated. Ugh.

I have seen this commercial for the very first time tonight and it freaked the hell out of me.

Thank God I’m not a jean-wearer. I predict I’m going to have nightmares involving giant, man-eating bellybuttons and French fabric entrepeneurs eating lint therein.

Hmmmm…so that’s where denim comes from…

I had just one thought flash into my mind when I saw that commercial:

Heloooooooo! La-la-laaa!

When I saw that commercial, I flashed on that PBS show I saw a few weeks back (sorry - can’t remember the title) about how today’s teens are the most commercially targeted group of suckers in history. According to the show, advertisers have reduced teenaged males to Tom-Greenish “mooks,” and Brittany-Spearic “midriffs.”

It would appear that the exposed belly button is the salient sexual symbol of the emerging generation. This worries me, if this trend were to seek its logical conclusion. Among the worst of my childhood memories is of my mohter holding me down to clean the lint out of my navel with a baby oil-soaked Q-tip. Can you imagine what it will be like to be a female feeling obligated by the prevailing zietgeist to submit to penile penetration of the navel? And what of the clever, ambitious young women who know that to get ahead in the world, they must seek out navel-augumentation surgery to accomodate the penises of young men now being conditioned to desire this heretofore unexploited orfice?

You think I’m kidding, don’t you? Or you think I’m simply full of shit. But unlike a lot of you, I can remember as far back as 1972, when “Deep Throat” came out, and kneeling if front of your boyfriend and doing no more than what you’d done to a thousand popsicles in childhood was no longer good enough: now you had to lay supine and learn to relax the gag reflex like a master sword-swallower, and not regurgitate all the evening’s Amoretto-and-Coke into your dreamboat’s lap.

Anyway, I’m just glad Levi Jeans hired this ad agency, and not Preparation H.

Silly girl, everyone should know that the tongue is the proper organ for exploring a navel! If your man thinks his penis belongs in there, I feel sorry for him…

But I have to chime in and say that I, too, found the commercial disturbing. And erotic. (I hate when that happens.)

And exactly, Alessan, my first thought was “What’s next, singing vaginas?”

I dunno, they could get Jim Carrey to do the testimonial and save on special effects.

I saw this commercial last night when I was watching TV on mute and I didn’t find anything strange about it.

I’ll have to watch it again with the volume up.

… and if it fits I feel sorry for you.


I saw that commercial last night. I think “disturbing” covers it. It put me in mind of Divine’s birthday party scene from “Pink Flamingos.” I won’t go into further details, but those of you who’ve seen the film must know what I’m talking about . . .

I thought the exact same thing. And I’m sickened by it, but strangely attracted to it, just like all of John Water’s films. Damn, now I have to go rent that again.