Winky Blinky early 60s toy

I remember many things from my early childhood that nobody else I know remembers. One is the Winky Blinky “doll” (I’m not sure you’d call it a doll, but I don’t know what to call it). It was available as a plastic blow up toy and as a plush toy with arms that were in a rounded grip, so you could attach it to things or yourself. My memory is that it looked kind of like the stereotype of a “primitive African savage” as shown in early 1950s-1960s cartoons - black with big lips, earrings, and those stick-on eyes that would appear to blink when you moved it different ways. I can’t tell you how I coveted this toy and agonised about whether I should get the plastic blow up kind or the stuffed kind.

Does ANYBODY else remember this weird thing?

Hmmm… I don’t remember something called “Winky Blinky,” but I do recall a T.V. show called “Winky Dink and You.”

Well, a search on Google for “Winky Blinky” turns up some interesting things…

It does actually

In Blinky Winky Chinky Chinatown Sheet Music

I’ve seen them on eBay.

Here’s one.

A toy from my childhood is an antique??

You have to take into consideration that it’s a ~50 year old plastic toy which still holds air.

Hello - I have a Winkie Blinky by Kestral, just the way you described it. Still inflated after many years… If you want a pic just let me know!

You may want to notice that the original question was asked in 2003 and the person asking it hasn’t posted in over 8 years.

Other than that, welcome to the SDMB.

True. Thank you anyway.