Winmail.dat - Virus? What to do?

I didn’t open it! Really!

But a friend of mine sent me an email–not one of those weird random ones, a realio trulio email–with this attachment.

I’m googling it, but everything so far is written in computerese, and all I can figure out so far is that it is a virus. I think.

Can someone advise, or post a link for non-computer-oriented folk to check out? I’d like to pass any info on to my buddy, because she’s worried.


This should answer your question.

Thank you, Abel. I’m still reading, but this is my latest take. (Note use of technical jargon.)

Winmail.dat is NOT a virus. It’s an e-mail thingy that has to do with the formatting of email. You can turn it off (per the website you posted), but it’s harmeless, so my friend can relax. Life is good.

Is that about right?

For Bodypoet’s analysis…
6.0, 6.0, 6.0, 6.0, and a 4.3 from the East German judge.

You’ve got the right idea. All your friend has to do is turn off that formatting option and you’ll stop seeing the winmail.dat attachment.