Winter storm Jupiter

Apparently, they now have a process about whether or not to name temperate zone storms. I was unaware of this until just now. Hey, I live on the west coast, this is more of a east-of-the-Rockies-type thing

How do they decide on what name to give? For hurricanes, they have a list that’s agreed upon ahead of time. Do they have such a list for these other storms? Or do they just name them after planets in order? If the latter, will Pluto get its chance? Maybe they can name dwarf storms after dwarf planets…

That is just the Weather Channel only. They and their affiliate sites (which are becoming fewer in number*) use them. As the link shows, it’s almost brand new.

It has as much authority as you naming the days of the week.

Ignore it.

  • They sold off a bunch of stuff to IBM recently. The WC is dying and they needed the dough to keep operating.

Yes, this is a stupid Weather Channel marketing gimmick.

I would not mourn if they went belly-up.