WinXP profile 'transplant'?

Is there a quick and/or easy way to do a ‘profile transplant’ between a local and network profile/account?

The school I work for is pretty laid-back when it comes to equipment getting ordered, delivered, etc. Well, a new WinXP machine came in while I wasn’t there, and it got delivered to USER’s office. USER set it up by himself, installed his software, etc. All of this was done under the local administrator account/profile on that machine. What I need to do, is simple move everything from LOCAL\ADMINISTRATOR -to- DOMAIN\USER. Is there a quick way to do this?

I need USER to log into his domain account, rather than the local machine, while retaining all of the local settings and files that he created while on the local administrator profile.

Thanks in advance for any advice. :confused:

Sure… All you need to do is log on with the DOMAINUSER account he will use, then log off. Login as any other DOMAIN account that has admin rights (Domain Admin is best, but they might not give you that password). On the PC:

Right-click on “My Computer” > Properties > Advanced > User Profiles

Select the local admin account (MACHINENAME\ADMINISTRATOR) then click the “Copy To” button. Click the “Browse” button and select the proper folder in C:\Documents and Settings\DOMAINUSERNAME. Allow stuff to copy, then logoff and logon as DOMAINUSER to test.