WinXP question: How do I generate a printable list of files?

I have about 500 files in 3 directories that I want to create a printable list of, showing the file name & exact file size in bytes. Does WinXP have a utility (or is there a freeware 3rd party program) that can do this automatically, as opposed to manually typing the details for each file in Word?

Basically I want the output to look something like this:

AAA.mpg 7,563,247 bytes
BBB.mpg 632,993 bytes
CCC.mpg 10,990,701 bytes

Hm. Normally when I need something like that I just open a command prompt and do something like this:

dir /s > filename.txt

That’ll dump a full listing of the directory you’re currently in and all subdirectories into a text file called filename.txt

From there you can edit it with a word processor.

It won’t, however, do the formatting you require, although there might some esoteric combination of switches that’ll do it.

I couldn’t figure out the copecetic way either. If you select a range of files, Windows wants to print them instead of just the directory listing.

However, you can start a command shell, and do dir > listing. :rolleyes:

Open a DOS prompt window (from Accessories), and type:

DIR C:[folder wanted]*.* > C:/files.txt

This outputs the directory list to ‘files.txt’; remove everything after . to show the output on the screen. Options for the DIR command are listed with ‘DIR /?’

Alternatively, you can use Agent Ransack

IIRC, there’s a tool that will allow you to copy file names from a directory to the clipboard, and from there you can paste it into the word processing program of your choice. It’s part of the power tools available from microsoft (which I think is a free download). I’ve never downloaded it, and don’t know what formatting options are available, but at least that gives you something to investigate.

What’s the program called? I may have the power tools already installed, I have no idea.

You can’t open a dos prompt in XP!

Of course you can. Just go to start–>run and type cmd in the box that pops up.