WinXP - Why aren't my preferences saved?

My work PC just got upgraded XP and my Outlook and one of my printers will not save my preferences. I can open the properties and make changes, but they are not saved…not when I reboot, but immediately.

The Outlook problem is annoying as it is the launch preferences that are not saved. First it prompts for the Logon ID to use (which I click the ‘Save’ everytime) and then for the connection state. I’ve gone into the Options and updated the settings to automatically connect, but it alwasy wants to ask me so that I have to babysit the program opening.

The printer problem is annoying since there is a duplexing unit on the printer and I would prefer to print both sides and 2-up so that I get 4 pages on a single sheet of paper. (In extreme instances, I have used 9-up but that was a little difficult to read) As it is, I am forced to print single sided 1-up, which is waste of paper and a pain to flip through. When I open the preferences, I can see and change them to the way I want but the Apply button is greyed out and none of the settings are saved when I click ‘OK’.

I was able to make these settings when I was on Win2K prior to this upgrade (my ID and LAN server remain the same).

I ask here instead of our help desk as it appears to be a call centre instead of people who know what they are doing.

Are you an administrator on your PC? That may make a difference.