Wireless access points

When I was going to add a second antenna to some of the 802.11g wireless access points in my office, my co-worker advised me to unplug them while doing so. I don’t think he was worried about frying the hardware, but instead thought that unplugging it would reduce the radiation exposure. Is there any truth to that? Do 802.11x access points give off any significant level of radiation, either while running, or when the antenna is being connected or disconnected?

No, your coworker is paranoid and a little crazy. Why should you be worried about radiation while adding an antenna but not while it is running after that? My access point is about 2 feet away from me on my desk right now.

I only get mild radiation poisoning from it and that only occurs if I sit next to it for more than an hour. To me, the burning skin and nausea are all well worth the ability to surf the SDMB from other places in my house. :slight_smile: