Wireless internet and my laptop

I have a laptop with a wireless card in it. It helps a lot here at school because that way I am connected to the interenet anywhere I go within 100 yards of campus, but once I’m gone is the card useless? Are there any interenet servers that support wireless (forgive my ignorance, I don’t that much of the technical aspects of computers)? If not, how would I go about getting some sort of wireless interenet? Do providers offer any high-speed cell-phone based internet connections that I could use anywhere? Are they expensive? I would really appreciate the help.

There are places (coffeeshops and the like) that offer wireless internet to their customers. Also, you can buy a wireless router to connect your own high-speed internet connection to the laptop.


Right. the wireless card is only useful within about 100yards or so of a base station' or wireless access point’ (WAP). They’ve put a bunch of waps covering your campus. Some airports have 'em. So do many coffe shops, etc. And you can buy one for about $200, maybe even less recently. The WAP, though has to be connected to something wired, like a dsl or cable modem.

The other idea, a high-speed cell-phone based deal, I have not heard of. Of course, you could hook the modem up to a cell phone (it doesn’t care whether the phone is a land-line or a cell), but you’d pay through the nose in minute fees (both cell air time and dial-up connection time), and you’d only get 56k, which sucks.

There may be some other deal with the digital PCS type services but I haven’t looked into that.

Unlimited Sprint PCS wireless is about $100/month. I think the speed is about 128kbps.

Your school probably has a 802.11b network. The access point you would need are down to $50 or so (after rebates) nowadays. Isn’t progress wonderful? You still have to get internet connectivity somehow - DSL or cable modem preferred of course.