Wireless mouse & keyboard Q

I recently went wireless (and am still having problems with the repreat rate on the KB).

I love it, mostly, but I’ve decided the learning curve on the mouse is a lot steeper - I keep having problems I wasn’t able to anticipate. The one I need feedback on is batteries. The cheap, never-heard-of-it brand batteries are already history, but I just had to change the Coppertops I installed in the mouse only last week. Is this typical?

Do I need to start buying AAA batteries by the gross?

I don’t like the disposal issues with batteries, so if that’s the case, can anyone make recommendations about rechargers?

I only have a wireless mouse; it takes AA. I use Ray-O-Vac 15 minute rechargables in that; they’re good for about two weeks.

My wife had a wireless mouse that took AAA’s, those rechargeables only held a charge for 2-3 days before they needed replacing.

She returned that mouse for an AA one.

I don’t like the disposal issues with regular batteries, either, which is why I never use them.

Oh, and the 15 minute batteries can be put in a regular two-hour charger as well. (But they obviously need more than 15 minutes.)

I held off going wireless with my mouse for the very reason that I didn’t want to have to bother with replacing batteries constantly. I didn’t go wireless 'til last year, when I bought the Logitech MX1000 – aside from being very precise, it had a built-in LiIon rechargeable battery, so it only needed to be put on its cradle about once a week to recharge.

The newer rechargeable Logitech that’s supposed to replace the MX1000 (MX810 or something like that) comes with two interchangeable batteries so if one runs out you can swap them out and stick the dead one in the cradle for charging by itself. Good idea, but the 810 doesn’t have the same features as the 1000 so I haven’t switched.

Your best bet would be to go with rechargeable AAs. Energizer and Duracell both make 850mA NiMH rechargeables that would work well.

Go with the rechargables. I’m running a Logitech MX-700 mouse and the batteries are generally good for a week with my level of use. Of course, the more you use the mouse, the faster the drain. But the mouse uses NiMH batteries and the wireless connection point is also a recharging base, so I can just throw the entire mouse on the base without taking the batteries out to recharge overnight. The nice thing about the removable rechargables is that I can swap them out, or even go to alkaline in a pinch. Mine are RadioShack brand, 2000 mA each.

I recently bought a new HP computer with wireless keyboard and mouse. I was replacing batteries every two weeks. I replaced with the best throwaways. I figured that I could buy a wired keyboard and mouse for what I spend on batteries in a few months. So, I replaced the wireless system with a wired one. Everything works much better now.

I have a wireless mouse by Dell and I only have to change the batteries every 6 weeks or so. Doesn’t matter which brand of AA’s I use.

I bought the Microsoft Elite For Bluetooth keyboard and mouse almost 6 months ago and I haven’t had to change the batteries yet in my keyboard. The mouse takes 2 AA batteries but they last about 1 to 2 months with every day use. Also, the mouse works only if you have one battery in it. The computer warns me when the battery gets low but it still gives me a week or so before it stops working. The keyboard and mouse came as a combo and it’s cheap too-only $130 at the time, probably cheaper now.

Also, it’s nice not to have to use a mouse pad anymore either-the mouse works fine right on my carpet or jeans or whatever ( I don’t have a coffee table so I have to sit on the floor when I use my computer).

My Gyrations wireless, gyroscopic, laser/optical mouse uses an inboard, permanent battery, like a cellphone does. It has its’ own charger and the battery life is pretty good.

Thanks for the input, everybody. I think I’ll start looking for a recharger. I’m not ready to replace this mouse yet, especially given the receiver is for both, and has the plugs for both into the CPU. Either I’ll get tired of dealing with frequent recharges, or I’ll figure out some method of dealing with it.

One reason I liked this set is that the keyboard is a simple rectangle, no curvy shapes. That makes it possible for me to use my foam KB holder, which has a very cushy wrist rest. Just plain KBs seem very hard to find now.

I wish now I’d known this was a topic that it was helpful to get advice on before buying. It seemed so cut and dried. :sigh:

I’m now on my second set of the MS Wireless Optical Comfort Desktop. Only on the second set because I was having problems with the mouse response. Found out that the problem was with the software, and I upgraded, and all is good now. I am surprised though with the number of folks saying they have to replace their batteries all the time.

Let’s see here, I had the first keyboard/mouse about 8 months, never changed the batteries, never got a “low battery” warning and I always saw that the battery level was good and high whenever I looked at it’s properties. Think it came with some Energizers.

Methinks that the manufacturer should provide the answers as to why their products use so much battery energy. Sounds a bit inefficient and completely different than my experience.

Of course, YMWillV.

I’d suggest a rechargeable setup, with about 3 times the number of batteries that your keyboard/mouse take. We’ve got 2 baskets, one for charged batteries, one for those that need charging. If you take the last charged battery, fill the recharger and plug it in. Most rechargers I’ve seen will charge 2 or 4 AA or AAA at a time.

Definitely not typical. The battery in my Logitec mouse last many months, perhaps 1/2 year. I’d estimate at least 1 hour of use every day.

When you’re not using the mouse, where do you leave it? I think these things go into sleep mode when not in use. If it’s getting moved around all day every day, that may deplete the battery faster.

My computer gets used 4-6 hours per day on average, with the occasional 10 hour day, as well as the occasional 2 hour day. When I’m not using the mouse, it’s just setting there on the mouse pad. When I turn the computer off, it sets there on the KB drawer until I turn it all back on again.

When I turn the computer on, the mouse doesn’t start working until I click one of the buttons. There’s a support number on the bottom of it. Maybe I should call Monday?