Wireless NTP Clocks?

Does anyone make analog and digital clocks that I could join to a WPA2 wireless network, and synchronize with an NTP server?

NIST clocks are quite common. Is there some reason that won’t do?

Is there a reason you want this over a WWVB (shortwave time signal from NIST) clock?

I was under the impression that those clocks had to be facing a certain direction or be near a window in order to work. I want something that will work anywhere I put it.

Its not wifi but we were given this clock it updates to the atomic clock by a radio service system (called it915 supposedly). Seems to work very well, doesn’t seem to matter where it is placed.

I’ve seen a number of wired PoE clocks that start in the $300 range. Valcom, Symmetricom, Inova, and Bogen are some manufacturers. There are some clock systems that sync with a wireless controller, those are more expensive.

These are the only Wi-Fi wall clocks I could find. I’d probably go with a Chromebook and http://onlineclock.net/

while true some of the time the signal is intended to penetrate buildings. the receivers aren’t that directional.

though to get a signal to feed something would take a more expensive model.




The original manufacturer went out of business 2 years ago but there is a group of people keeping the service running.



I have sort of the opposite request. I want a clock that syncs up to NIST (or GPS), and serves time wirelessly over NTP to the devices on my LAN.

I’ve had a couple of those NIST clocks in two different houses, and they never sync for me unless they’re practically sitting on a windowsill. A few times a year I have to carry mine to the window to let it set the time again, which pretty much negates the point – I’ve switched to one that docks with my iPhone and sets the time from it.