Wireless router question.. (Stupid and easy)

Do I need a computer hooked up to the wireless router to access the internet from it?

Or… can I just hook the cable modem into it and access the internet from the wireless signal (with no computer directly attached)?

Please pardon my ignorance.

Yes. Cable from wall into the cable modem. Ethernet cable from cable modem to wireless router. Wireless card in your computer. Should work.

I am pretty sure that you do not need a computer connected to the wireless access point except to do the initial setup. Most default do a wide open signal so it may just work right away anyway. When I put in my wireless access point a few weeks ago, I got the laptop connected before I got my wired computer set up.

It would be a strange wireless router that required a wired connection to a PC to make internet access possible.

You’ll probably need to hook it up to a computer once so that you can initialize the settings, but after that, it doesn’t need to be hooked up to anything other than the modem.

If you have a wireless card in your PC, you don’t need to hook up a physical ethernet cable to access the internet. Just as leenmi said.

Enjoy the wireless.

Actually, I just bought a wireless router a couple months ago, and it defaulted to deny wireless access (for security purposes). It required an initial wired connection for setup purposes, but once I got the access codes from the router, I can turn off my wired pc and my roommates can still get wireless access.