Wireless TV for PC

I’ve been looking into tv tuner cards lately for my laptop the PCMCIA card type and I got to thinking, even with a decent card (which I still need help finding) It’ll still be necessary to remain stationary while the coax cable is screwed onto the card.

So I was wondering if such an approach as wireless networking had been attempted yet (as in a product on the market) that takes a signal from a coaxial cable(the cable company) and via a transmitter sends it wirelessly to the computer.

Of course for every transmitter there must be a receiver so the PCMCIA card would have to “catch” the signal and interpret it and a base station-type set-up would need to convert and broadcast the signal from the cable company.

Tv via pc is fine for desktops that never go anywhere, but laptops have considerably more challenging dilemna as there is more and more demand for a wireless connectivity.

Anybody looked into this stuff?

Not for the PC, but for the Mac - there’s a product called “CyTV” which works with EyeTV and allows streaming video over WiFi. There’s probably something similar for the PC - maybe SlingBox…

I’m not sure what your end goal is here, but I have tried the Slingbox. It worked very well, but it does not “broadcast”. It is a one-to-one transmission from any TV-type input to any hi-speed Internet-equipped computer. The Slingbox is on the “sending” end; any PC with a browser serves as the receiver.

The only thing that I can think of that works from the TV to other TVs (as opposed to streaming wirelessly from your computer to a mobile device like Slingbox) is the Fiire Engine Linux-based HTPC along with as many Fiire Stations as you need around the house for any televisions beyond the primary one the Engine is hooked up to, plus at least one Fiire Chief remote so the media can “follow” you from set to set if you have more than one TV/Fiire Station. It’s a bit of a pricey solution, and does not support HDMI (yet, anyway) but as a complete HTPC+DVR+Wireless Media Streamer, it looks very intriguing.

I think the X10 site has a wireless cable box. Check out www.X10.com