Wires from Speakers Don't Stay in Receiver

I have a Harmon-Kardon AVR receiver and Infinity speakers. I had to disconnect all my electrical stuff due to some redecorating. (Hey, I’m retired now. Have the time.) I’ve tried to re-insert the wires from the speakers into their respective red and black receptacles in the receiver, first turning those knobs counterclockwise to open them and then turning them clockwise to lock the wires in. However, the wires don’t stay locked in and fall out. Perhaps the receiver is defective, but maybe I’m doing something wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Get some speaker wire connectors, crimp or solder (whatever they recommend) the connectors to your speaker wires, and connect 'em up. Sounds offhand like banana plugs would work for ya.


Crimped terminals are nice, and now that you’re retired, you certainly have the time… :wink:

or, be sure to twist the loose strands into a pigtail, then wrap the pigtail CLOCKWISE around the studs - that way the nuts tighten them - if you wrap them counter-clockwise, the nuts will back the wires off the studs

On my HK AVR 40 (with Infinity speakers) you stick the stripped wire in the hole in the edge of the external collar and tighten clockwise. The knob and attached internal collar spin on the center screw thread and tighten practically all the way down to the base which can bind even the smallest wire down into the hole.

Unless the screw is stripped or the collars are damaged I don’t see how even a small wire is going to slip out.

I’m not quire sure from your post what type of connectors your receiver has. But with certain types, you can try this:

Strip off twice as much insulation as your normally would. Twist the wire with your fingers so it’s rigid. Fold it over on itself. Now you’ll have the correct length, and it’s twice as thick as before–this can give it a better grab in the connector.

All else having failed, I yanked the plastic connectors away from the receiver with pliers so I could expose the metal studs. I then wrapped the wires around the studs, and replaced the connectors as best as I could (using happyheathen’s suggestion -but I could not.just wrap them around the base of the connectors as they were since the metal studs were not exposed). Not pretty, but it works. I could not, as astro suggested (and which, of course, is the recommended way) get the connectors (all 4 of them) tight enough to prevent the wires from slipping out, even after doubling them over. Thanks to all.