Wisconsin mask mandate. I'm going to make it fun

So Wisconsin starts a mask mandate 1 August. Fine. Other than the Karen’s I don’t mind making people feel comfy and safe. If wearing a mask might make you safer do it with no worries. It will at least make you feel safer and more relaxed. All for that. I get it.

But the wording is “face covering”. A bandana qualifies. They don’t seal, just for the purpose of blocking, well, spittle or snot. All for that too, obviously.

So I’ve decided my face covering will be a pair of women’s panties.

They hang on clothing racks in full public view in stores nationwide so they’re not offensive. I’d be using them in a legitimate way to comply with a Governors Emergency Order of covering my mouth and nose. There is no specification of thread count, fabric, design, etc.

Any suggestions on style? The funnier the better. But nothing with overtly sexual or tasteless stuff. I plan to wear it at work. Yes, they will love it but gotta be careful.

I was thinking the PINK theme. I could double down saying it’s my theme protest like in pro sports on behalf of my tongue being locked behind a barrier.

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 876000 hours unless flagged)

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 876000 hours unless flagged)

You’re looking for a tasteful way to wear panties on your head, mocking an essential health policy in the middle of a pandemic?

That’s about the size of it, yep.
Sorry, duffer, there’s no “tasteful” way to act like an arse.

Duffer’s just trying to get fired so he can collect those sweet, sweet unemployment riches and eat lobster and bonbons all day.
It’s his dream and we shouldn’t spoil it for him.

Thought it was a way to conform while having a laugh. Doesn’t hurt anyone, helps save lives since the nose and mouth are covered. Pointed out that I don’t want to offend anyone, though obviously I don’t have to actually do it to trigger people. I’m talking about at work where we do many more offensive things for laughs. My local bar where they have a sense of humor. But ok. I guess the boards have changed since I’ve been here. Apologies.

Really? That’s acceptable here now? Don’t remember saying that.

How bad does it have to get before people like you take this seriously? Do we really need to cross Covid with a hemorrhagic fever?

Just wear a mask and grow the fuck up.

Realize this is just the latest. Remember Zika? West Nile? H5N1? MRSA? SARS? Mad Cow? Hell, BPA?

This will pass and in a year or so there will be something else to terrify you.

For those too impatient to wait there will be a short teaser or two about the next flu season.

Relax folks. We’ll get through this just fine. The Brits did it. The Japanese did it. Even Dresden still stand. Know why? They stuck together while criticizing government actions.

This site seems to have an extremely different feel from when I wandered in over 15 years ago. Guess it’s best for all if I find somewhere else.



You think it’s funny. A lot of other people would find it offensive regardless of your intention or viewpoint. I’m pretty sure the intent WAS to offend people, hence your word “triggered”. The fact you do even more offensive things at work does not make it OK, it just means you work in a cesspit.

^ I was just about to say this.

Yes, yes, I’m sure the parents of children with wrecked brains from Zika find that very reassuring. Had a close family friend die of West Nile. I’ve know people who died of flu, too. Had to have a piece of my face carved out due to MRSA - hell, I even recounted that episode in a thread on these boards. Thank Og SARS was contained. I’m sure the families of the couple hundred people killed by Mad Cow have a slightly different view than you do.

Fact is, there are a lot of very scary things out there.

Let’s say a brand new disease is highly contagious and kills 1-2% of people it infects. Let’s say everyone on the planet refuses to wash their hands and think it’s funny to cough on each other. That’s 78 million dead people for just 1%. You OK with that? That’s more than the total death toll of WWII, but in a much shorter time frame. 2% death rate gives 156 million dead people. And, oh yeah, plenty of survivors are left with permanent, debilitating damage to their bodies.

Yeah, fucking barrel of laughs, that. It adds up to much more than the combined death totals of all those other things you’ve named.

Oh. My. God.

Seriously - Dresden doesn’t “still stand”, it was rebuilt. Also, at the time it happened “criticizing government actions” got you a one-way ticket to a Zyklon-dispensing shower.

When come back, bring facts.

This is the second post where you stated you would be going elsewhere… and yet here you are…

Remember how none of those killed three Vietnams worth of American civilians in four months’ time?

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The OP is offensive enough (especially with the use of women’s panties) that this is borderline trolling. Let’s not go there. This is closed.