Wisdom Teeth (pain killer substitute)

So, I get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning. I fear the doctor will prescribe Tylenol 3 for me. I have a aversion to taking any Tylenol because I’ve heard story’s of liver failure in people who drink heavily. Now, I don’t drink too much (more than many, but I’m a student); although this summer has been rather intense. I would rather not take Tylenol, but is there anything else I can ask for? A (crack head) friend of mine told me to ask for Perkasets (and then she asked me to share them with her?!). Is there another painkiller I can ask for and actually get (Codeine)? What should I say when I decline the Tylenol? Is it a rational fear about the Tylenol causing liver failure?

cheers, and I would appreciate any prayers I can get from you all

Heh…Just tell the man/woman who is extracting your teeth that you are a raving alcoholic…and they should know not to prescribe tylenol.

…Otherwise, simply be smart and lay off the booze for a day or two whilst you recooperate from your small surgery. You’ll be fine…just avoid getting dry-socket and you will prevail a winner. Oh and a cite for dry-socket should be given… :slight_smile: good luck :slight_smile:

I don’t know how he’d react to you telling him you drink heavily, but you could just be honest and say ‘i drink alot and don’t want anything with tylenol in it’. there are other combos (NSAIDs with an OTC analgesic, which is what tylenol-3s are) out there you can try. Percodan for example. Ask for percodan, that is aspirin & oxycodone.

Perkoset contains 325mg tylenol per tablet according to what i just looked up.

The Master speaks on the Tylenol/Liver issue.

When I had my wisdom teeth out, I was given vicodin, which contains hydrocodone bitartrate* 5 mg and acetaminophen 500 mg.

My son had his out last week and was given percocet. Acetaminophen: 500 mg
Oxycodone HCl (WARNING: May be habit forming): 5 mg*

The active ingredient in Tylenol is acetaminophen, so percocet, as per your friend’s advice, wouldn’t be any less of a concern regarding liver damage.

Cecil’s take on acetaminophen and liver damage can be found here. http://www.straightdope.com/columns/000929.html

You can go with over the counter NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen (one brand name: Motrin), ketoprofen (brand name: Orudis KT) and naproxen sodium (brand name: Aleve), but those are also linked to liver damage with long term use, and I think you may need something with just a bit more kick than they provide.

Personally, I wouldn’t be overly concerned about it, as it’s for a very short duration, and would go with whichever pain reliever the dentist prescribed.

I meant to mention that Norco might be a decent option. It has the same amount of hydrocodone as Vicodin, but significantly less Tylenol. Your doctor might not be willing to prescribe it, though.

Yeah, yeah. Just go to your veterinarian, and have him give you some lorikeets. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I had my wisdom teeth out, I just put ice packs on my face and would lie down for a few minutes whenever I felt a bit achy.

Didn’t take any prescription meds. Although I was presribed Tylenol 3s. Just didn’t bother taking anything. The ice packs were enough.


Lortab ASA & Vicoprofens are other alternatives. they have aspirin & ibuprofin respectively instead of tylenol.

When I had my wisdom teeth out (all four at once, no less) I had Ultram (tramodol) as I’m allergic to codeine and most of the other opioids such as Percocet.

It’s definitely in the “check your formulary” category as pretty much all insurance will cover something in the Tylenol 3 / Vicodin family, but not new stuff like Ultram.

I was given norco one time and vicodin another time. I would not ask for codeine as that is the main additive to Tylenol-3 anyways. Norco and Vicodin are more powerful, from my perception anyways. Tylenol-3 just gives me a stomach ache. Norco and Vicodin gave me that dreamy feeling as well as relieved the pain quite nicely.

Your dentist will not want you drinking with any narcotic. Your best bet is to just take the appropriate amount of whatever painkiller you’re prescribed. There are other reasons for preferring one over another. For instance, codeine makes me sick to my stomach, so I’ve asked for Percoset or Vicodin whenever I’ve needed a strong painkiller. Depending on your history, a request like this may lead your dentist to consider whether you’re likely to be drugseeking. However, given that you’re having dental surgery, if you’re not in the habit of asking for narcotics, he’s likely to do as you ask.

As someone who’s had a number of dental surgeries, I suggest that you have someone who isn’t having surgery go fill the prescription before you get home. Take one right away, before the numbness has completely worn off. Do not drink alcohol. You’ll be on narcotics; you won’t need alcohol.

I had a tooth extracted a couple of years ago and I do NOT like to take pills or medicine. I had a Tylenol 3 prescription, and didn’t take a single one.

It will hurt - like an ache, a throbbing pain. You know what the problem is (your teefs have been pulled out). It’s not a lack of Tylenol bringing you down. It is NOT (or hopefully SHOULD not) be debilitating.

As previous posters have mentioned, you don’t want a dry socket.

NO cigarettes for a few days. NO straws in your beverage. Baby your gums for a few days until the scab turns into a scar.

Good luck.

(rubbing my lucky pulled tooth)

PS: Not to scare you or anything, but they DON’T go in there and just yank the things out. They (Dentists) spend a few minutes rocking the tooth back-and-forth to break the connections. You can hear it in your skull, which is the bone that some of these teeth might be attached to. It’s NOT quick. It takes awhile. Not fun, but you’ll be fine.

Have you ever tried Oil of Cloves? It’s worked for me in times of toothache, killing the pain almost immediately (though it does make one drool a wee bit at first!) Still, it beats a toothache!!

As long as you’re not drinking heavily the same day you do Tylenol, you’ll be fine. And make sure to get the emergency number for your dentist in case you do get dry socket, because you will want the syringe filled with clove oil.

[sub]I’ve never had my wisdom tooth out, but I’ve nursed three people through it. [/sub]

Isn’t Tylenol 3 acetaminophen with codeine? IIRC, the liver damage is caused by excessive use of Tylenol, not taking it for a little while due to a dental procedure you had. I still wouldn’t drink while taking whatever pain medicine you are given though.

Thanks all for your suggests and wishes. I believe I will just say that Tylenol hurts my stomach and ask for whatever else he will give me. I do not intend to be doing any drinking for quite a while after this. Though, the girl said she will buy me as much ice cream as I can eat, so I might go a little excessive there.

Otherwise, its now 8 hours and counting.

don’t forget the tried and true popsicles. Buy a giant bag.

I did 4 wisdom teeth at once with only novacaine, and 2 were impacted, and no pain killer beyond aspirin afterwards. The popsicles really help.

(not a masochist, but was addicted to sleeping pills as a teen, and 5 years later didn’t want the temptation, so did 4 wisdom teeth at once sans the normal codein)

Post Op Update: No pain. Just the annoyance of no feeling in my lower jaw, which is seriously impeding my ability to drink water. Otherwise, all is well, and really it wasn’t bad at all. I tried to convince my dad to let me drink home; but he declined, obviously a good thing; though in all honesty I’ve driven more impaired than that after two or three beers at the bar (which isn’t impaired at all). Instead of Tylenol they gave me Endodan (which I just took, and the warning that it may cause dizziness is quickly becoming evident).

Again, thanks to all for your answers and support. I do appreciate it.

One other note, they wouldn’t let me keep the four bastard teeth. Is that normal?

You definitely may have a drinking problem…a little obsessed are we? :wink:

Glad you’re doing well.