Wish me luck - I'm going to basic

I know I haven’t been here long, and now I’m going.

On Friday I join the NZ Territorial forces* at Waiouru for a seven week all-arms recruit couse - In other words, army basic training. Apprehensive would be a pretty good description of my mental state right now.

I’m expecting pretty much anything to happen- I’m hoping they’ve told me the important stuff, and as for the rest, well, shit happens.

So here’s hoping that I won’t be able to talk to you guys for a good two months - and not, say, 3 weeks.

Oh, and what should I do if they tell me to go fetch a box of grid squares? :wink:

  • Army Reserve

Good luck but you won’t need it, just do what you’re told, including the grid squares. Laugh a lot, I did.

Good luck. I’ll be driving through Waiouru next week. I’ll wave over the fence.

Good luck!

Good onya mate.

Say hi to Frodo if you find him camping out on your minefields or something.

Good for you mate, there will be shit times if its anything like Brit basic but just keep on going.

Bring them some saltine crackers from the mess.

Wow! Good luck with your new adventure.

Good luck and errr… have fun?

Best wishes and thanks for serving your country!


I imagine all basic training experiences ‘basically’ suck.

Just remember three things: Do what you’re told, try not to “stick out” (thereby drawing extra attention from the training NCO’s), and it’ll be over soon.

You will make it. It may not seem like it at first, but they overload everyone at the beginning. Keep up as best you can. Try as hard as you possibly can. You will make it.

Good luck!

Have fun stormin’ da castle!

Thanks all, See ya later.

Remember - they want you to improve, so if you do everything perfect the first time, it’s actually worse.

Keep working and remember it’s a game. They are beasting you because someone beasted them…

Good luck to ya!

Rhys Darby has all you need to know.

Best of luck Jaguars!

Good luck Jaguars. Basic training wasn’t as bad as I feared, in fact, it was pretty fun. My advice is to not take the things the NCOs might say personally, they’re supposed to ride your ass hard in basic. Also, always have an extra pair of dry socks handy.

Good luck!