Wish me luck!

Well, I just called the company credit union and they are sending me an application for a loan so I can get my van fixed.
My van broke down in October and it is the transmission. Anywhere from three thousand to $100 depending on if it is the whole tranny or just a sensor.
So, we waited until we got it paid off. January!!! Now it’s mine all mine, but it doesn’t go anywhere.
Tried for a loan at the bank where we do our banking and they said no. See they told us that we could be approved when we had the van paid for to use as collateral.
Sucks being poor white trash trying to get by.

Anyway I talked to a girl at work and even with bad credit she said that she got a loan through our company credit union and they take it right out of her check.
So, please keep your fingers crossed for me.
It’s so hard to make it to doctors appointments with the kids let alone trying to find a ride back and forth to work.
It’s summer so I can start walking now but it’s not in the best neighborhood and I leave work at 4am and work weekends. Yes, summer is walking weather but it is also the time of year that the scary people start haning out down by the river.

Good luck Kricket! I hope you get your loan.

::crosses fingers, toes, and eyes::

Good luck!

Good luck Kricket, I hope everything turns out well for you.


Here’s to hoping that my wishing you luck is doubled now, as I realized that my location matches part of your sig! Kinda freaky, huh?

Good luck!

Good luck Kricket. Hope it turns out OK.

I say we pool our resources, and send Kricket a selection of automotive enhancing supplies. That glossy black spray for tires, wax, car fresheners ( I want mine to smell JUST like Ed Zotti :smiley: ), Cup holders and car floor mats with Taz on them !!!

Here’s hoping they see the wisdom of helping you out !


Right now in my poor tired looking lonely van my children have decided Scooby is the way to go.
The only thing I haven’t found are the floor mats.
When the repo guys took it they tore off the back plates which had a Scooby holder on it. :frowning:
I haven’t put it back on since we got the van back yet.

I’m supposed to get the loan papers to fill out tomorrow and I am so nervous. My credit is crap but I have a good job (they should know) and my husband has a good job.
I’ve been told that Kraft has a good credit union but if Oscar Mayer goes on strike that might really ruin my chances. Strike pay sucks from what I understand. And we just voted down the contract and voted to strike but they have so much time to change things before we walk.
I guess I should be more worried about that but I am going stir crazy!