Wish us luck!

Well folks about ten minutes ago, Mrs. C. went into labor. I will not be around for a day or two, so don’t you worry bout me a bit!

If I can get a laptop and a webcam in there, well, I’ll probably get killed.

Hell of a way to wake up, what with the water breaking and splashing me. Wooohoo.

Woohoo! Go Team Cynical!

Woohoo!!! All the best, Cynical, and my regards to the poor mrs. Cynical. Oh, she’ll let you know what REAL cynicism is in a few hours, mate…

I’m putting some Guinness in the fridge - we’ll have a few tonight. I hope the kid takes after her mother though. I saw you pic at the SD Peoples Pages… talk about killing my appetite!

Congrtas Mr. C!!!

I wish you the best of luck.

Congratulations Cynical family!!! Good luck to Mrs. Cynical especially… hope your labor is easy and quick!

This thread illustrates what is so great about this board. Wife goes into labor, Mr. C’s first thought is to log on and tell us. That is the mark of a great board member.

“C’mon honey, just keep squeezing through this contraction. I have to see if anything new has happened in the Pit.”

Wow, I guess she’s not waiting for August after all. Anxiously awaiting new of MrC, JR. Congratulations!

Good Luck! You didn’t mention if this will be your first kid or not. Hope everything goes well.

Don’t let the Mrs. fool you, Mr. C. Labor is MUCH more difficult for the male of the species.



But am I the only one wondering why his wife allowed him to stop at the computer and type out a thread, all the while under the pains of labor?

Woo-hoo!! You are planning to name the kid Sua, right?

Good Luck & Congratulations!

I’m so pleased to know that there’s going to be a Cynical Baby.

Congratulations Mr.C.
Gonna register the kid with the SDMB right away right?

Best of luck. I wish you many years of happiness.

Oooo, a little Cynical baby!

So I guess that three-way with you, me and Shayna really IS off for this weekend?

Best of luck to you and especially Mrs. Cynical.

What a blessing!

I think not…how about???..CourtneyNipples?

No…wait…JessicaNipples…hang on…AmandaNipples

Thats the Ticket.

Congratulations…you breeder you

Yay! I hope it goes quick, once it really gets going (and for the uninitiated, one often has loads of time to send e-mails between the time you realize “this is it” and having to rush to hospital.) :slight_smile:

YAY! Congrats, hon! Hope everyone makes it through okay.

Yippeee! Let us know when the Little C gets here! Don’t forget the back rubbing and ice chips. :wink:

Well congrats Mr.C. First you had a troll, now you have a baby.