Witchblade: For gosh sakes, will ya cut somebody's head off already?

Every time Sarah has killed someone this season, they’ve thrust themselves onto or fallen onto her sword.

What’s up with that? Is it supposed to tie into this week’s ‘road of power’ temptation scene?

Dammit, Pez is supposed to kick ass and take names. How come she’s all passive with the phallic object this season?

She does seem a little more restained on the decapitation front this season, although she did lop off Irons’ hand in the first episode. So far, though, she’s been at least somewhat conflicted about all of the “fallen/thrust” crowd. Consider:

Irons was trying to kill her…but he was also one of the few people who had detailed knowledge of the Witchblade. Once the immediate threat was removed, she backed off–maybe to preserve a possible source of information, or maybe because she was unwilling (at that point) to violate that little “minimum necessary force” rule.

Cartophilus was her lover, and she didn’t want to kill him at all.

V looked like her long-dead father, and she had to force herself to fight him.

Give her a target that isn’t running any mind-games on her and I think she’ll be more aggressive. Alternatively the writers could just be trying to set up more contrast with last season. Let’s just wait and see how it plays out.