With a tiny appetite, am I getting all the vitamins and minerals I need?

I don’t eat much. I never really have, but I’ve especially noticed it lately. I doubt my habits have changed, though–I’m probably just more conscious of them. Here’s a typical day’s (yesterday’s) intake of food:

Breakfast: one piece of toast with cheese and a small glass of milk.
Snack: a handful of cashews.
Lunch: a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.
Snack: an orange.
Supper: two pitas with bits of cheese and chiles.

Now, I feel full after each of my meals. In fact, I feel like I’ve overeated after a bowl of cereal. Still, it seems that a person my size (6"1, skinny) would still need a fair dose of vitamins and minerals to keep me going. Should I take a multivitamin?

I would say a multi-vitamin would be a good idea. Look at it this way, you are getting a variety of nutrients with that menu, but not very much of them and it doesn’t look like you’d be getting everything that you need.

I have a crappy diet so I try to take a daily multivitamin, because I figure it can’t hurt. However, I’ve heard the idea that vitamins have to be taken with certain types of food or they won’t be effective. So is this pill doing me any good if I don’t have a balanced diet otherwise?

:smack: I just had to correct that atrocious “overeated” in my first post. Naturally, I meant “overeaten.”