With facial hair, or without?

My opinion about how attractive facial hair is depends on the guy & the overall style.

You, dear, look better clean-shaven than with the beard/no mustache look. I suspect that clean-shaven is the best look for you, overall. And yes, smiling is good. No, you don’t look like a doofus.

Uh-uh. No matter what I shave off, the sideburns stay, I’m afraid. I’ve had these baby’s for almost six years, with only a few times being gone. They are most assuredly not going anywhere. Sorry to dissapoint you, but I think I look good with 'em, and the few times I actually have shaved them off (usually by accident (the perils of trying to even them out,)) I felt all empty inside. If I can find a picture of me without them (a couple exist) I’ll post em, and you can decide for yourself.

You look SOOO much better!
And I’m not just saying that cuz I HATE facial hair of any kind.
Much better.

We’ll take this one to the pit. Or mebbe I’ll just whoop your a** when you finally dare to show your face around the apartment again.

But seriously, folks, be the envy of your cube-mates! Guaranteed to remove all need for caffeine in your life if you install one of those suckers on your desktop. I mean, really - it’s me, for chrissakes, and I get the screaming heebie-jeebies every time I see the damn thing.

As for you, bouv my bearded friend, let me offer you the advice of the newly-shorn: join me. Damn sight less scratchy on the pillow, too, though perhaps that’s just my odd personal brand of facial hair. Though, as upheld in this thread (and to fire off a gross bit of chauvanistic stereotyping as a parting shot), chicks do seem to dig the stubble look. Go figure. Makes me feel better about over-sleeping and not shaving, though.


Clean, definitely.

Um, not to be insulting or anything, bouv, but you look like, well, a leprechaun with the beard and no moustache. Especially the second shot.

Forgive me!

Though I wouldn’t mind that pot ‘o’ gold at all, mind you.


Don’t grow a beard, especially if you are a woman.

I like facial hair on certain guys, it really depends on the guy and the shape of their face.

By the way, you look awesome clean shaven…when you’re smiling!

Another for clean-shaven and smile more. Although I do think you’d look cute with just a goatee, the whole beard just doesn’t do it for me. I do luv guys with goatees, though…

Just my humble opinion, but beards without mustaches creep me out.

That said, you’re a good looking young man. You look fine either way, but to me? Better clean-shaven.

That picture actually is my desktop right now. I couldn’t resist. And I plan to shave off all but the goatee section, so those who suggested a goatee might look could can check that out. I assume I will still most likely get responces to shave it all off, though.

Huh. I like the beardish thing going on, but if it grew much longer, it would look silly. BTW, while you’ve got that razor out, you might want to go after that eyebrow and turn it into eyebrows ;). Hold a finger up pressed up next to your nose – that’s where the brow should start on either side. Don’t go too far back, though. Eyebrows don’t grow back fast enough.
Other than that, you’re pretty cute.

Most excellent! Freaky looking sumonabitch, ain’t I? If “come get some” isn’t your style, most any line from “Army of Darkness” will work well.

Unfortunately, Eonwe took the liberty of spreading the damn thing amongst those to whom I am not quite so anonymous. It stares at me from a bulletin board even now as I type. In fear. I think the eyes are following me…


OK, it’s all gone now. Every last bit (cept the good ol’ sideburns.) All the ladies may commence swooning…now!