With my iPod attached up, Itunes, I was notified...

that a couple of updates- Safari and Itunes- are available for it, soI clicked ok and the updates flowed.

Ah but I knew something was amiss when the downloads finished, and I got the message that in order to install them, I needed to restart my computer. Which I did.

I have a feeling that nothing was updated in my iPod and they’re both in my computer. If this is true, how do I do transfer the updates to the iPod?

(I might be very slow to respond, but please don’t think I’m being rude.)

The updates were for iTunes (and Safari was just so Apple could get their browser on your desktop). This was not an update for your iPod software. Your iPod checks for updated software when you sync it with iTunes (or you can manually tell it to “check now” when it is connected). Regardless of method, it will automatically transfer the software to your iPod at that point without you doing anything.

Bueno! Thanks, ASAKMOTSD.