With Ziggo gone, life is no longer worth living

I just can’t believe that Ziggo is out of the running. How, lord, how?

It’s been over a week now and I still cry myself to sleep every night.

Other than that, the new season of Battlebots seems pretty cool!

You know, I am still trying to figure out what Ziggo is.

I’ll extrapolate that Ziggo is a Battlebot.

Hey, it’s not like its the first time Ziggo’s been knocked out early in the tournament. He’ll be back next event, better than ever.

Ziggo sniff

Aarrgh! When did the new season start???

Ziggo’s one of my favorites too. Remember, what doesn’t kill him only makes him stronger. And since robot’s can’t die, he’ll be back for more.

I think the new season started a couple a weeks ago. Catch the computerized carnage every Tuesday night at 10pm Eastern on Comedy Central. (Check local listings for time and channel.)

I’m a great Ziggo fan and was also saddened at his early departure. But there’s always Son of Whyatchi! (I missed the 8/27 show; gotta catch it this weekend!)

Son of Whyatchi ROCKS!!! I like Little Sister, too.

We haven’t seen tentamoushi (sp) for a while. :frowning: I always liked the big ladybug. And what about ChiaBot?

Tentoumushi, as I recall, got spanked quite soundly last season. I don’t think the last incarnation even had a weapon at all, they just relied on the “cover and drag to the hazards” strategy, which was NOT effective.

I never understood ChiaBot. Didn’t they list its weapon as “nature”?

Anyway, I’m kinda glad that Ziggo’s out of it; it’ll make the tournament a little more interesting. The new Backlash is looking good, although he still looks kinda unbalanced, as though he’s gonna tip every time he steers. And the new Little Drummer Boy is kickin’ ass and taking names, as usual.

Since Mechadon doesn’t seem to compete anymore, Toro and T-Minus are my current favorites. Gotta love bots that toss the others around like tinkertoys. Middleweight Complete Control is also a really cool one.

I, too, was saddened by Ziggo’s departure. But the bot that beat him totally had his number. He had a spinning blade at exactly the right height to get under Ziggo’s skirt. I wonder how that bot will fare against other designs. What was the victor’s name?

All in all, it was a prime example of robotic evolution. Myself, I can’t wait for the BattleBots Unlimited Giant Humanoid class! 50-foot gundams going at it with rockets and lasers on the moon. That’s entertainment!

Damn you, 'Mericans! We’re only midway through Season 4 up here in the Great White North, and I already know Ziggo’s going to lose in the next season.

Ah well, could have been worse. Reading the thread title, I thought he’d been retired, or something.

Please, for the love love of humanity, won’t someone build a bot to destroy BioHazard?
I really want to see this bot totally destroyed.

Actually, I have an idea for a bot that would destroy Biohazard…now all I need is some sponsors. Oh, and someone who actually knows how to build combat robots.

The bot I have in mind would be designed to climb other robots on purpose. Why, you ask? Because his weapon is under his belly, firing downward, where the full weight of the bot is behind the blows. Biohazard is useless against a bot that wants to be on top of him.

Son of Whyachi didn’t do a good enough job for you?

No. He came back. I want him dead forever.

I miss Mark Setrakian. He really gave an artistic flair to the show. Watching Mechadon was like watching a ballet.

Then you’ll have to arrange a hit on Biohazard’s builder, or he’ll just rebuild it from scratch, again.

Actually, it does no good to design a bot specifically to beat one high-profile opponent. There are over a hundred entries in each weight class (although you only see the top dozen or so on the TV show) and you’re not likely to get chosen to pick your preferred opponent in your first fight. Having a bot specifically designed to beat Biohazard is no good if you have to fight Phrizbee, Warhead, Vlad, or Frenzy before getting to him.

But a bot designed to beat BioHazard, at least along the lines of my idea, would essentially be a “wedge killer”. And I think you’ll find plenty of wedge-bots in all weight divisions against which the bot would be very useful.

Incidentally, Vlad is retired. As for taking on a spin-bot…well, there doesn’t seem to be a good way to take them on, other than generally constructing your bot solidly and driving well.