Without warning, your spouse/SO says you need to go on the run, or risk death: Part II

Based on this thread.

The consensus of the other thread seems to be that most people would hit the road if their significant other showed up and said “we’ve got to get away from here. NOW!”

But several of us said that we’d want an explanation as soon as possible for why we’re running.

So here’s Part II. You and your loved one, along with your children and what you could grab as you ran out the door, are now several miles down the road and safe for the moment. So you insist on knowing what’s going on.

Your loved one takes a deep breath and begins to explain. But they doesn’t tell you about a wildfire or tidal wave or terrorist nerve gas attack. They tells you something involving time traveling robots from the future or alien pod people or a secret cabal of vampires - in other words, something way past believable. Your loved one openly acknowledges that their story must sound crazy and they wouldn’t have believed it themselves until they saw the things they had seen today. And unfortunately they have no proof they can offer at the moment. They’re just asking you to trust them and keep running for now.

Your response is:

Nothing is way past believable. I would believe him.

(After I pinched myself thouroughly to be sure it wasn’t one of my crazy nightmares.)

He’s going to a hospital, STAT. He’s a psychologist. He would understand.

He’s the most sensible man on the planet, I’d believe him.

About time she woke up and saw what was happening.

Hospital. Occam’s razor - mental issues are far more likely than such a complete violation of the laws of physics.

See, I actually know someone who did this, a good friend of mine. Except in her case, her husband was in on the government plot to spy on her via various means, including devices planted in drive-thru window speakers. So she didn’t invite him along when she jumped into her car and drove halfway across her state, before finally calling home and telling him what she’d done and she was pretty sure that he wasn’t actually plotting against her, but she was still scared and needed help.

So I’d probably suspect that he, like her, had some kind of severe bipolar episode, but at least in this case, he knew I was on his side. I guess depending on how he was doing, I might encourage him to drive carefully but allow him to continue driving for an hour or so, to let him come down from the manic phase. But I’d probably continue talking with him about what was going on, and bring up what happened to our friend as an example of a similar situation. Mostly I’d want to ensure he was behaving in a safe fashion, and going into “Hospital NOW” mode might make him act out of desperation depending on what his grasp of reality was like at the moment.

Or while we’re driving, the alternate reality might kick in and we’d live out the SF movie plot. I should make sure to pack a kick-ass outfit in my go bag! :smiley:


I’d ask her if she was still going to work tomorrow. Because she makes about 3 times the money that I do, and crazy is just fine with me, as long as it pays well.

I’d think “OK, I need to get him to a hospital”, but then work my way carefully about getting him to go there voluntarily. Getting into “we must go to the hospital STAT to get you checked” mode sounds like something likely to trigger worse behavior.

Yeah, it would be so, so, SO unlikely that I’d have to believe he’d seen proof.

Besides which, neato! :cool:

mrAru is so damned sensible that I would have to go along with him at least for a while and give him the chance to get to where he could try and prove it.

This. Psychotic episodes happen all the time, even to level headed and trustworthy people. Time-traveling zombie aliens do not.

I (assuming for the sake of the OP that I am actually in the car and down the road,) will humor him until we can stop at the first rest stop, when I will take my assorted gameboys to the Ladies’ room, and call 911 for an ambulance.

Yep, hospital. I’ve dealt with enough delusional people in my time to know the signs.



“I’m not sure I believe you, tell me more. Where we headed, anyway?”

I’d go along with it for the “love” reason until the point where it becomes clear one of us is going to miss a shift at work. As I said in the other thread, I can imagine him joking about this and taking it pretty far. Not as far as missing work though, so that’s the point where I become convinced he believes what he’s saying. Then I move into delusion-management mode.

I’d stay with him as long as I didn’t feel my life was in danger, but I would look for opportunities to get him to a hospital for antipsychotic treatment, either by getting him to agree or by calling the cops when he was asleep. He’s never shown any signs of mental illness, but as many have mentioned it’s very common and has nothing to do with how “sensible” or “reliable” the person is otherwise.