Witness the live opening of a long-lost safe concealed in the wall of a casino!

Title says it all really. Came across the story whilst browsing Reddit (any other redditors out there?) and thought The 'Dope would be interested given the excitement caused by the piggy bank under the house.

The story is that the guy who used to own the casino was killed by a car bomb (not necessarily mob related) and nobody knew the safe was there until some demolition work was being done and the 4-foot high safe was discovered concealed within the wall, i.e. the wall had to be demolished in order to access it, it wasn’t in frequent use for sure.

The son of the person who now owns the building is going to film the opening and stream it live (though this is likely to be watched by too many people to be stable) then post pictures and videos of the opening.

Not sure exactly when the opening will take place as they are waiting for a blow-torch capable of getting into it so stay tuned the main post for edited updates.


I bet when they open the safe, a smaller safe will be inside!

Damn those Russian safe-makers!!

Geraldo Rivera needs to host this.

I was thinking the same thing.

I predict it will be disppointingly empty, or at least will not contain anything beyond mundanely private paperwork. Probably walled up because that was easier than removing it.

If it’s opened with a blow torch, I’m betting they will find a fair amount of ash inside

Meh, no chance of poisonous spiders or snakes here.

No one builds in a safe with valuable stuff in it. So I think you are right. Of course, you might build it in if it had something you didn’t want anyone to find, like a corpse. But seriously, I’m thinking: nothing interesting.

Maybe they’ll find a nude painting of the late owner’s former lover. She’ll likely be very old by now… but maybe she’ll catch the opening of the safe on the 'net. Then they’ll fly her to the casino so she can tell them her story.