Wizard of Oz (1939) Q: Brown (stain?) on Lollipop Guild shirt

For example. The Guild member with the Satanic appearance in the blue shirt appears to have some brownish splotch on his shirt. Any idea what it is? Looks simliar to a stingray swimming south.

I’m not sure it’s a “splotch”. It looks too clear and deliberate. You can’t tell from the angle of the shot, but the other side of the shirt that would match if this was the case is hidden from us. Maybe further googling or watching the original movie will show. I notice that none of the re-creations has this. But it certainly looks intentional to me.

I have no idea what it’s supposed to bed though.

What a sharp eye you have! I’m guessing a laundry problem.

It looks like a pipe that Bilbo Baggins might use, but it’s a patch attached to the shirt. It might also be an insignia for a quill pen & ink pot, and he’s the secretary for the guild.

I was going to say it’s a holster of some sort but looking more closely it’s clearly completely on the shirt like a patch, and not a holster.


I don’t know what it is, but here’s a wardrobe test still shot, and the mark is already there (and on the same actor, Harry Earles (Harry Doll)). Either the other actors weren’t available that day, or weren’t cast yet. I don’t know why it’s two young boys and one adult dwarf.

But the mark is clearly intentional.

If it was a stain the costume dept. would have given him a new shirt in minutes. It must be intentional, or no one cared.

Well, in that picture, it looks like he’s giving someone the finger…

There’s gotta be a Monica Lewinsky joke in there somewhere.

That would be a low blow.

And, conveniently, the other side of the shirt is also not visible in that shot. It almost seems intentional.

I don’t know what you and **CalMeacham **are talking about. Isn’t the left side of the shirt plainly visible (and unsplotched) in this shot?

If you look carefully at that picture, you can see that the blotch is textured or detailed in some way. I’m wondering if maybe it isn’t a representation of the twister that brought Dorothy to Oz. (The shaft at the top is curved somewhat, and the blob at the bottom could be a cloud of dust and debris.)

That’s not a lollipop…

Maybe. It could be just out of view, but it does seem like the one we can see is nearer to the midline than that, so there probably isn’t one on the other side.

Looking at that test shot, with him standing there wearing that ridiculous outfit, next to two children in similar outfits, I have to wonder just how humiliating it was for him. He looks almost angry. This was probably the only work he could get.

Look at the name of the shot (on the sign): “3 Little Tough Boys”.

To me, it looks like a silhouette of a hat with a long feather in it. Something like this.
Why, I don’t have a guess.

Those aren’t two children next to the adult actor - all three were actors in the movie, and all were in the Lollipop Guild. They were Harry Doll, Jerry Maren, and Jackie Gerlich. I don’t know why the names were misspelled on the clapboard.

That’s my fault - I said they were boys. I thought they were stand-in boys, not recognizing they were the actors themselves (Maren was only 19 and looked younger, in my defense).

In Maren’s case, at least, that’s not a misspelling - his last name at birth was Marenghi.

I’m noticing that in some of the shots - like the first one in the fourth row - there’s been a (poor) attempt to paint over the stain. So at least one person believed it was there accidentally.