I am trying to convert .WMV to .ASF, no not asf to wmv but WMV TO ASF…just to be clear thats wmv to asf.
all the programs I can find only seem to go the other way and none will convert to a file that my http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7589820658&category=11724 can play.

I teach and want to use the av out from the camera to the class room tv in class, I have no pc at either location so this is really the best option for me atm.

the problem is I want to run videos that are on my home pc most in .WMV format and the camera doesnt recognize them as files.

anyone with Stronger Google Fu care to give it a shot?

Not to be an ass, but I punched “convert asf to wmv” into Google and the first 10 results will do exactly what you’re asking.

PEBCAC perhaps?

Well, don’t I feel stupid…
Anyways, upon closer review punching in “convert wmv to asf” is almost as helpful.

The first result will do it, but according to the specs it’ll take two steps. WMV to AVI then AVI to ASF.

um, read what I posted, then read what you searched for, repeat as long as needed.

lols, and now while the hamsters were turning you were posting…ah the blazing speed of the sdmb,

thanks for the hit, nothing suggested a 2 step that I found I will take a look at that.

I don’t meant to come across as snarky but the link Omniscient will let you go from WMV to AVI then you can go from AVI to ASF

I understand it’s two seperate steps but why won’t that work?

I am giving it a shot atm, cant find avi to asf so far. other than that it should work.

just to clarify, my second post was in reference to Omni’s First and my 3rd post was in responce to my second and his second as well. wasnt trying or intending to be an ass if it came out that way.

it says it does avi to asf but it seems to be a lie as far as I can see. still playing.

hmm this one doesnt seem to differentiate between .wmv and asf, it will convert to .wmv but there is nothing I can find to allow .asf.

The Quote function exists on boards to avoid this problem.

Windows Media Encoder 9 will produce videos with MS’s ISO MPEG-4 v1 codec (fourcc MP4S). This option is only available if you choose constant bitrate (CBR) encoding for the video.

Here’s a brief walkthrough (if you have time to read it). I’ll assume you have your original video file ready. Start Windows Media Encoder. You’ll get the wizard. Pick convert a file. Select your file, then for “How do you want to distribute your contents” pick ‘File Archive’. Click next a couple more times. UNCHECK “begin converting when i click finish”. Then click finish. Now click on properties. Sources pick what you want to include/exclude (video and/or audio). Now for the compression tab click on edit then click on new (under import/export). Type a name. Video should be CBR by default. Just pick ISO MPEG-4. Set your framerate at the bottom (depending on what your player supports). Then click on add and add a bitrate. You can use K and M to shorten (for example 400 K, or 10 M). Then set your audio format, video size, frame rate, buffer size, video smoothness, and keyframe interval to your own liking. Click apply, then click start encoding.
found that posted by “anonymous” almost works, I think the audio is killing it. (cant match the audio codecs) I get errors or messed up video…so close yet so far.