WNBA Star Sheryl Swoopes Comes Out

In upcoming ESPN Magazine and The Advocate, WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes comes out of the closet:


Yay, Sheryl!

I also thought this was kind of sweet, and didn’t realise that Swopes was a hottie (at least she is in the photos I’ve seen linked to articles on the matter). But I just wondered what the average person’s reaction is:

a) Who is Sheryl Swopes? (Isn’t that a website that debunks stuff?)
b) I told you all female athletes were dykes.
c) It’s okay for female atheletes, ice skaters and divers to be gay.
d) That’s why the hurricanes hit <insert placename here>
e) Why is it anybody’s business?
f) Who cares?

If only the average person knew about and used Snopes …

Good for her. I admire anyone who is true to self.

Put me down for a combination of E and F. The U.S. has far too many busybodies.