...Woha! I just found out something surprising...

This girl I know (my age) was talking to me, and I found out a pretty big secret. I have a feeling in my stomach not unlike the feeling I get the night before I’m about to get an immunization (I HAT*E needles). It’s really bizarre too :(.

Just wanted to share.

So do you need to get your blood in reserves again or what?

Sorry but if you wanna tango then get out there and tango with her, sheesh, quit pussy footin around reminds me of men that can’t make up their mind. I was a young un once, and usually a man would make a move. I recall that a friend let the dog run loose in the bar so I could get in, what a friend eh? Actually it was the other “friend” that wanted to get laid." but that was many years ago…

No, it has nothing to do with that. I just had to share it, since I feel so weird. I used to like her, but got shot down (several times) so I’m over her.

Well, tell us the secret. We won’t tell. Promise!

Really, WTF!

You can’t tease us like that!

So, you can’t start a thread like this and then NOT tell us WTF you’re talking about…

So spill it!!

I’m guessing she let him in on the great Bush/Cheney/Alien Greys/Spalding Grey/Illuminatus conspiracy, and revealed their ultimate goal to him: World Domination.

Then she proceeded to recruit him into the First Church of the Presumptuous Assumption of the Blinding Light.

That’d be my guess.

(Hey, he said it was really bizarre.

I’m guessing she’s really a porpoise, that’s why she’s turned him down several times.

You know, she’s got an old-fashioned unenlightened family that frowns upon “inter-species” relationships.


Speaker, is this the kind of secret that should be told? I don’t know how old you or she is, but if it’s giving you that kind of feeling, it can’t be good. Is it that serious? And if not, could you reassure us, because now I have that “night before immunization” feeling going too.

I will lose sleep over this, if you don’t tell us the secret. Just so you know.


Seriously, I don’t understand the point of this thread. Assuming that you’re asking for advice of some kind, here it is. If it’s a BIG secret (“I killed someone”, or “I was raped/molested”, or “I’m the secret leader of a huge drug ring and I create meth in my basement”) then you should probably tell someone (or convince her to). If it’s not so big (“I cheated on that math test last week”) then keep it to yourself. I still want to know though.

CHUNKS!!!.. No? Doesn’t have to do with chunks, eh?

I’m fresh out of ideas.

Without knowing the details of the situation, I can’t give any insightful and sage advice (not that I could otherwise, but still). Some questions you might ask yourself are (i) “why did she tell me” and (ii) “does she want me to do anything?” She may have told you it was a secret, but at some level wants you to do something about it (including telling someone).

As a standard boilerplate, suicidal thoughts, ongoing abuse, or anything else where serious harm (or potential for harm) can be averted by revealing what she told you, tell some one.

And finally,
For those who live in the Seattle area and could use help overcoming a fear of needles (or dentistry), check out the Dental Fears Research Clinic, at the University of Washington. Some years ago, they did wonders for me.

You know what’s sad? Besides Speaker not dishing? That, with all the Monty Python and Illuminatus and everything else references on this board, this is probably the ONLY Firesign Theater reference? Those guys are GODS and created more Idiot Lines than a million Seinfelds, yet they are virtually forgotten.

Sad. Just sad.