Wolf Lake 4/24/02 - what happened?

The local (Dallas) UPN station bumped the 4/24/02 episode of Wolf Lake for a basketball game. TV Guide Magazine didn’t show the move, and Yahoo TV was wrong about the new date/time. I did not find out that it moved to Saturday at 10:30 until sometime on Sunday.

The UPN web site doesn’t seem to have descriptions of past episodes (unlike, say, Fox has for 24, where the past episodes are described in incredible detail).

So - can anyone tell me what happened?

So nobody is watching Wolf Lake any more?

Since a few people have read this thread, I’m going to assume someone besides me does watch this show. In case any of you read the thread hoping to find the answer to my question, here it is.


This is a five-page description of the episode, complete with still pictures.