Potential Buffy Crisis?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought a new Buffy episode (one of the last few new Buffy episodes left in the WHOLE world) was supposed to run on Tuesday, April 15th. I just checked my local TV listing and UPN in my area is playing a BASEBALL game that evening.


After 7 years of faithful viewing, I am horrified at the thought I might actually miss one of the last remaining Buffy episodes. Can anyone confirm a new Buffy is supposed to show on 4-15 and if so, would anyone who lives in a civilized part of the US (ie UPN not showing crappy baseball game) be able to help a desperate Buffy fan with a tape?


TV Guide online says it’s a new episode.

Call the station. They may have plans to broadcast it some other time. Certainly if you complain, those plans will become more likely.

I just had to say, Potential Buffy Crisis started by Glory made me giggle. :slight_smile:

LunaSea, I hadn’t noticed that. Thanks for pointing out a bright spot in my day!

Bah, I had this name long before that character existed! :slight_smile:

whimper tapes??

Instead of letting someone tape it and send it to you, how about downloading the episode as mpg, putting it on a cd as vcd and watching it on the dvd player?
That would seem to be much easier.

Thissite, which keeps track of these things, say 4/15 is the next episode - Dirty Girls.

On preview I can’t see if your e-mail is listed, but the solution Optihut suggested works fine for me. I could possibly help.

What area are you in? Sometimes when UPN preempts in the major markets, BtVS will be re-aired late that week. Maybe I can find out if I know where you’re at…

Only if Glory has broadband, a CD burner, a DVD player, and no moral objection to using the services one must use to do so.

Thanks for the responses! I am in the Seattle area and I have emailed our local UPN affiliate to ask them if they planned to rebroadcast the episode later that week (they haven’t responded). A coworker (who is also a Buffy devotee) said that Dirty Girls will play in our area on 4-22. I guess the rest of the country will see a Buffy repeat on 4-22?

I thought i was fairly web savvy, but I had no idea that someone could download the episode! I suppose if only have to wait one week, it won’t be so bad but it will be awfully hard to stay unspoiled.

My email address is amalthea_dawnglory@hotmail.com if anyone would consider helping me out with a tape since the thought of having to wait an extra week is SO painful.

Yeah, April 22 is a rerun.

No need for broadband to download Buffy eps, I do it all the time by leaving my computer on all night. Since we don’t discuss file sharing here, this website has the latest Buffy and Angel episodes to download, plus tons of news on future episodes, so spoiler alert!


I don’t know if you can get Canadian stations in Seattle, but The New VI (station from Victoria) is showing Dirty Girls on 4-15.

Just CBUT, so I’ll be watching on 4/22, or so it seems.

Yeah…no big crisis for anyone. Whenever a TV station pre-empts a show…especially a serial like Buffy, they almost always rebroadcast it at a later time. Here in Chicago, we have WGN, which airs both the Cubs and the Bulls. So back when Buffy was on The WB, shows would get bumped quite often. WGN would usually show it after the game, or on Saturday. So, I wouldn’t stress too much when this happens…