Taped Buffy 2/18? Please report in!

I have this friend who is an EXTREME Buffy fanatic. He is positively distraught that he accidently taped Gilmore Girls instead of Buffy on February 18 and that his back up taper failed to tape it as well. I guess the stars just weren’t aligned that day.

This is a fella who stopped reading a comicbook series because he missed an issue. He kept buying them, but refused to read them until he could replace it. (He didn’t want to read them out of order you see…) I think he kept this up for two years or so. He is a fella who takes his Pop culture very seriously.

Anyhow, it would warm my heart as well as get me some boku brownie points if I could get ahold of this episode of Buffy for him, if only to watch and then return. (he does have every episode on tape as well as the DVDs that are coming out, but it is only important to him to see it so that he can keep watching). I know I’m a bit late in asking, but silly me, it just occurred to me to ask here, land of the astoundingly helpful. :smiley:

If you live in Chicago, that would be best as it would facilitate things. If not, I’d be happy to refund shipping and whatnot.



Check your mail!