Woman crashes car while shaving her coochie

This story has it all. Shaving while driving, has ex-hubby steer in the process, all the while she’s on the was to see a different boyfriend.


This seems appropriate.

It has a tingle
And a tang
That starts
The day off
With a bang


Some people aren’t all that good at multi-tasking.

37? Yikes.

and she was convicted of DUI the previous day and shouldn’t have been drivign at all. Craziest thing I have read in ages.

Just another example of why shaving yer bush is a bad idea.

As I read this thread, a neighbor down the street is having a tree service chip a fallen branch with a tree-shredder.

I dare you to re-read that article with that very specific “vaaaa-AAH…Vuh-RAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhHHH” sound in the background and not smile. :smiley:

:eek: I cannot imagine putting a sharp object anywhere near my lady bits whilst in a moving vehicle.

I cannot imagine putting anything sharp near my daddy bits under any circumstances.

You’ll notice that in the article it doesn’t say that she cut herself shaving.

I’m all for women shaving their cooters, but ladies, important safety tip: Wait until you’re at a stop light.

Is this some sort of performance art? This seems too over-the-top to be real, as if it were an onion parody of worthless jerry springer rednecks. DUI, suspended license (sentenced the day before no less), shaving herself while her husband steers for the specific purpose of looking nice for some other guy, doing the “swap with me!” seat thing after the accident. I’m a little surprised she wasn’t named Lerlene, had her kid in the trunk, and an open bottle of jack by the gas pedal.

When I was reading the OP, a fark “FLORIDA” tag appeared in my head. Anyone else?

If it performance art, she would caulked her ass first

She drives a 1995 Thunderbird. Heh.

So hey, um, if she absolutely needed to shave while on the road, why couldn’t she and her ex-husband have switched seats, and he could have done the driving?

The first time I read about this it was to the right of a Fark Florida tag.

At a guess, I’d say that logic and awareness of consequences are two things she has difficulty with.

Show up hands – who immediately had Clerks come to mind?

Her ex is riding with her while she is shaving her bits for another guy and tries to take the fall for the accident for her? That man is a trooper.

Somewhere I read a comment on this story that suggested the “ex-husband” and “boyfriend” were actually “pimp” and “john,” which makes a lot more sense.

Why is it, whenever one of these “would you believe…” threads appears, it’s ALWAYS from Florida?

There could be another explanation. Maybe he figured that the sooner he got her hooked up with another man, the sooner he’d be rid of her.