Woman escapes from shallow grave.

Talk about lucky and determined to live. This lady was tasered & taped up by her bf. Then buried in a cardboard box. :eek: She used her ring to cut the tape and then cleared away the dirt.

Lucky for her the worthless sod was too lazy to dig a deep grave.
Amazing story.

Lucky her! But what kinda bf is that? If he hated her so much why didnt he just jet? The attempted murder was not even nessecary…

The bad news for him is that she knows the 5-point palm exploding heart technique.

That BF is quite the son of a bitch. Any respectable boyfriend would have got a decent cardboard box from Jared.

Dad always said, “When digging a hole, once you’ve gone what you figure is deep enough, go deeper.” Now I know why.

Dammit. I was going to go with “well, at least she still has the billions from the Wennerström affair” but yours is way better.

I was confused by this sentence at first. I thought she got out because the sod covering her was worthless.

Nah, sod has a lot more value than the dick who did this.

Amazing how he clearly intended for her to die, but didn’t have the balls to kill her himself before putting her in the ground. Talk about a half-measure… and boy did it come back to haunt him.

I love the HuffPo headline:
‘Bored’ With Girlfriend, British Man Tased Her And Buried Her Alive**

I expect he’ll get bored with prison, too, but he’ll be out of luck there.

She is now every guy’s perfect girlfriend. You can forget her birthday, fart in bed, even fuck her sister, and you’re still miles out ahead of the last guy.

What is even better is that she used the engagement ring that he gave to her to get the tape off her feet and rip the box open.


Good for her for keeping her head! Hopefully the bastard will never again see the light of day.

<reads story>

He actually had a friend who was willing to help him bury her? “Hey, buddy, mind implicating yourself in a murder?” “Sure!”

Incredible as it may seem, a woman who used to work where I do also escaped from a shallow grave! She ran with a rough bunch, obviously, but this to me was nearly unbelievable. Everyone swore it was true though.

Good thing he didn’t go Full Marie Antoinette on her! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a shame to see what lawlessness has transpired on ole’ Penistone.

Nitpick, the man wasn’t British but Polish.

Yeah right, Pai Mei never even taught him that trick.

I have no idea what goes through the brains of someone like that. I have some removed-cousin (my dad’s uncle’s son–too lazy to figure out the exact relation) who did the same thing, except he succeeded. He taped up his girlfriend in duct tape and threw her in the river, if I am remembering correctly.

As to the second quote I posted above: there was evidence (not enough to convict) that my cousin’s dad helped him do it!

I think it was Dateline that actually ran a story on the case. It happened in Florida. My “cousin” is still in prison.

The woman in this article is crazy-lucky! Reading through that story I was totally amazed. I hope the guy gets some serious prison time.

Friends help you move.
Real friends help you move bodies.

Seriously, this worthless piee of shit should never again see the light of day.

I’m expecting that he will get “bored” while at prison.