Woman jumps into frozen lake with predictable results.

Yes, she’s a blonde. Bleach is toxic stuff. Kills brain cells. :wink:

I’ve been around frozen lakes most of my life. It’s always been very obvious that the water isn’t moving. It even sounds different. Frozen water is dead calm and very quiet.

Can anyone else imagine making this mistake?

Anyway, I’m glad she didn’t seriously injure herself. She hits that ice pretty hard. Foot wrapped in gauze. But no cast.

Idiot deserves to be paralyzed. Hope she realizes that, and never does something so stupid again.


She’s lucky she didn’t break through it.

Yeah, I totally thought “predictable result” was going to be “crashes through ice, fails to make swimming motions due to shock of frozen water, sinks like stone”. Happy to be proven wrong.

No surprise to find the video makers turn out to be Russians. Dudes be crazy there.

She did make a few cracks in the ice. :wink:

That’s some thick ice. Might be able to ice skate on it.

Lakes don’t freeze that hard in my state. They ice over but it’s thin ice and easily broken.

I can imagine making the mistake. There appears to be a hole chipped through the ice around a ladder that we catch a glimpse of. I can imagine the thought she’d break through the ice. There’s quite a range of what can seem like a good idea at the time.

I doubt she deserves to be paralyzed., and certainly not for misreading the situation. Not many people deserve that.

Yes, I’m glad she’s ok.

Sometimes foolish actions can end very badly. This time she got off lucky.

Technically, she didn’t jump into the lake.

I’m confused. What’s the gauze for?

She deserves to be paralysed? Seriously? What an awful thing to say!

Man, that is a Sweet Hat!

I can watch that over and over again to see those Hat!

People do dumb stuff. She doesn’t deserve permanent injury. I, too hope she’s smarter for it. We all got up to stupid antics when we were younguns.

Better broken bone than drowned dead.

In Russia, water splash YOU!

apparently not…

I gotta admit there’s a cartoonish element to a human cannonball on ice.

Looney Tunes couldn’t have drawn that any better.

She’s lucky she didn’t break her kneecaps.

People are invincible in their 20s, isn’t this common knowledge?

I have a GQ question: There have been many instances of warm people jumping into freezing ice-lake water and emerging seemingly unharmed. Aren’t they supposed to get cold-water shock that would kill them?